Published On: Wed, Aug 9th, 2017

Gearbox Reveals Project 1v1, A Competitive FPS Mixed With The Metagame Strategy Of A CCG

Gearbox Software suggested Project 1v1 around newsletter. According to a e-mail, this will be a rival 1v1 first-person shooter that combines movement with a metagame plan of a collectible label game.

Project 1v1 is a formula name for a top-secret, in-development, rival initial chairman shooter—and we wish we to have a possibility to be one of a initial people to try it out! Project 1v1 combines a movement of fast-paced 1v1 initial chairman fight with a metagame plan of a collectible label game.

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This summer, we will be holding a brief Closed Technical Test on PC to exam a online infrastructure and learn what players like we consider about a diversion in sequence to surprise and change destiny development. If you’d like to be among a initial people to play Project 1v1, get started right now during

The exam will be hold on North American servers, so general players might knowledge decreased performance.


The Closed Technical Test will underline 3 modes:

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Get matched with an competition formed on actor rating. Win ranked matches to acquire knowledge and crates containing new cards.


Challenge a crony to an unranked match.


Queue adult to plea a stream Arena champion – and win to take their place.

Not most else is famous about a project, though we’ll be certain to let we know once Gearbox provides some-more details. Other than that, Gearbox should also be operative on new installments in a Duke Nukem, Borderlands and Brothers in Arms franchises, so we should hear a lot some-more from a studio in a nearby future.

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