Published On: Mon, Jan 7th, 2019

Gaming Analysts Predict ‘Switch Pro’ And ‘Switch Lite’ Revisions For 2019

A image of how a Switch Mini or 'Lite' indication could lookjts
A image of how a Switch Mini or ‘Lite’ indication could look

In March, a Nintendo Switch will have been on a marketplace for dual whole years. With advancements in record being as quick as they are, and with direct for bigger and improved gaming practice flourishing during a identical rate, saying console revisions mid by a system’s life has turn roughly guaranteed in new years.

Of course, it’s unfit to know for certain either or not Nintendo is formulation to recover a revised book of a Switch in a nearby future; we positively design to see something in a subsequent year or two, yet that would be pristine conjecture on a part. We’re not alone in these predictions, though, as gaming analysts seem to be meditative a same thing, despite with most bolder claims.

Speaking to, Dr. Serkan Toto, CEO of Kantan Games, and Michael Pachter, researcher during Wedbush Securities, have common what they consider Nintendo will do in 2019. Toto expects to see ‘Pro’ and ‘Lite’ models of a complement (or during slightest a cost cut), while Pachter expects to see a rider that does divided with a switching inlet of a console altogether.

Dr. Serkan Toto: Switch Pro and Lite – “While a 2019 Switch Pro has been already reported to be in growth by a Wall Street Journal, we also consider Nintendo will offer a “Switch Lite” (or only keep a stream chronicle during a reduce price) to cover a reduce finish of a spectrum and equivalent falling 3DS sales.”

Michael Pachter: Nintendo will launch a entirely handheld chronicle of a Switch during $199. “I design a device to have a same screen, yet with Joy Cons built into a physique and no advancing station. Since it can’t “switch” from handheld to console, it’s tough to theory what they will call it, yet let’s assume Game Boy (kidding).”

Dr. Serkan Toto also believes that a Switch will advantage from “at slightest one new diversion from a mega-franchises owned by EA, Activision or Take-Two” as partial of his expectancy that a console will see “a lot some-more games” from third-party developers this year. You can review a full thoughts of both analysts here if you’re interested.

Do we determine with any of these predictions? Do we consider Nintendo will recover a new Switch in 2019, identical to how a 3DS has seen mixed revisions over a years? Let us know in a comments below.

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