Published On: Sat, May 2nd, 2020

Gamevice’s Patent War Against Nintendo Continues, As ITC Moves Forward With Evidentiary Hearing


At a start of April, peripherals manufacturer Gamevice filed a new patent-infringement censure opposite Nintendo and appealed a box it formerly lost. While some people suspicion this was a joke, given a timing of a news, we can assure we it’s not.

In fact, Gamevice’s ongoing obvious fight opposite Nintendo and a Switch appears to be behind on lane – well, kind of.

Engadget reports a International Trade Commission has motionless to pierce brazen with an “evidentiary hearing” after Gamevice requested a ITC to emanate a “limited ostracism sequence and a stop and terminate order” opposite a Switch.

It’s utterly a startle that it’s all function again so soon, generally when a US Patent and Trademark Office ruled Gamevice’s controllers “unpatentable” in March. Although a Patent Trial and Appeal Board privileged all 19 claims opposite Nintendo, apparently a ITC believes it’s value holding another demeanour at.

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