Published On: Sat, Aug 5th, 2017

Game of Thrones Sunday’s Episode Has Leaked Online – HBO Says NOT Connected to Earlier Hack

An unaired partial of HBO’s Game of Thrones has leaked online, though isn’t connected to a new crack where hackers stole over 1.5 terabyte of data. HBO orator has reliable that a partial 4 of a show’s seventh deteriorate has been leaked by HBO’s placement partners, not a hackers.

To those who don’t mind spoilers and wish to have an early demeanour during a Sunday’s partial can go online and hunt for a partial that is watermarked with Star India trademark and a “For inner observation only” warning.

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HBO confirms Game of Thrones ep4 leaked – isn’t connected to progressing hack

The episode, patrician “The Spoils of War,” is going to be aired this Sunday and was formerly mentioned by hackers who explain to have their hands on 1.5 TB of HBO data. “HBO can endorse that a leaked partial was not a partial of a new hack,” HBO orator for a network has simplified to BuzzFeed News.

Star India, HBO’s placement partners, has claimed shortcoming for a trickle of a Game of Thrones partial 4. Star India pronounced in a statement:

“This confirms a concede of Episode 4 of Game of Thrones Season 7, progressing this afternoon. We take this crack really severely and have immediately instituted debate investigations during a and a record partner’s finish to quickly establish a cause. This is a grave emanate and we are holding suitable authorised calming action.”

The news of this unreleased partial of Game of Thrones was initial published by The Verge who speckled a low-quality format of a partial leaked online. A Reddit user zmax87 had posted it early Friday morning, observant it was a “Gift from Pakistan,” and we can endorse this is indeed genuine.

HBO has had to quarrel a lot of leak-related battles when it comes to a star show, Game of Thrones. As a readers have formerly noted, a storyline of a whole deteriorate 7 was already leaked online and has proven to be 100% scold so far. But, that was all in content and rumors, not an tangible episode. If we can’t wait until Sunday though can understanding with a low-quality observation experience, we can find a partial 4 online. But please, don’t spoil it for others! [Just tell me if Dany does finally confirm to bake that irritating Greyjoy’s fleet. Wait, don’t!]

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