Published On: Wed, Jan 30th, 2019

Game Developer Survey Shows That Nearly Half Of Devs Are Most Interested In The Switch


A consult seeking a vast series of video diversion developers for their views on a stream meridian of diversion growth has suggested that roughly half are many meddlesome in releasing a diversion on a Nintendo Switch.

This information comes from a 2019 GDC State of a Game Industry survey, that polled scarcely 4,000 diversion developers in total. When asked that platforms seductiveness them a most, 45% of developers chose Nintendo’s latest appurtenance as one of their picks, usually overshadowed by one other platform, PC.


In a really same consult doubt final year, a reduce sum of 36% listed Switch as one of their many meddlesome platforms; a console’s continued success and 2018 prevalence appears to be rubbing off on developers, with some-more and some-more wanting a cut of a Switch pie.

Elsewhere, another doubt also suggested that roughly one in 4 developers have seen improved sales on Switch than other platforms. As we can see in a picture below, 24% of respondents pronounced that Switch sales have been larger than normal for their game; a difficulty for less-than-average Switch sales was a slightest chosen.


2019 is looking like it could good be a many engaging year for a console yet; we’re still to accept a transparent recover report for vital first-party releases notwithstanding meaningful that copiousness are designed to arrive soon, though third celebration devs will all have had a decent cube of time operative with a complement by now, too. What will this year bring, then? We’ll let we coddle that one over in a comments.

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