Published On: Wed, Aug 12th, 2015

GAMA Survey Reveals a Slow Death of a Universe

This combination design shows how a standard universe appears during opposite wavelengths in a GAMA survey. Credit: ICRAR/GAMA and ESO

The Galaxy And Mass Assembly plan expelled a initial information during during a International Astronomical Union XXIX General Assembly in Hawaii, divulgence that a Universe is solemnly dying.

An general group of astronomers investigate some-more than 200,000 galaxies has totalled a appetite generated within a vast apportionment of space some-more precisely than ever before. This represents a many extensive comment of a appetite outlay of a circuitously Universe. They endorse that a appetite constructed in a territory of a Universe currently is usually about half what it was dual billion years ago and find that this vanishing is occurring opposite all wavelengths from a ultraviolet to a distant infrared. The Universe is solemnly dying.

The investigate involves many of a world’s many absolute telescopes, including ESO’s VISTA and VST consult telescopes during a Paranal Observatory in Chile. Supporting observations were done by dual orbiting space telescopes operated by NASA (GALEX and WISE) and another belonging to a European Space Agency (Herschel).

The investigate is partial of a Galaxy And Mass Assembly (GAMA) project, a largest multi-wavelength consult ever put together.

“We used as many space and ground-based telescopes as we could get a hands on to magnitude a appetite outlay of over 200,000 galaxies opposite as extended a wavelength operation as possible,” says Simon Driver (ICRAR, The University of Western Australia), who heads a vast GAMA team.

The consult data, expelled to astronomers around a universe today, includes measurements of a appetite outlay of any universe during 21 wavelengths, from a ultraviolet to a distant infrared. This dataset will assistance scientists to improved know how opposite forms of galaxies form and evolve.

All a appetite in a Universe was combined in a Big Bang, with some apportionment sealed adult as mass. Stars gleam by converting mass behind into energy, as described by Einstein’s famous equation E=mc2. The GAMA investigate sets out to map and indication all of a appetite generated within a vast volume of space currently and during opposite times in a past.

“While many of a appetite sloshing around in a Universe arose in a issue of a Big Bang, additional appetite is constantly being generated by stars as they compound elements like hydrogen and helium together,” Simon Driver says. “This new appetite is possibly engrossed by dirt as it travels by a horde galaxy, or escapes into intergalactic space and travels until it hits something, such as another star, a planet, or, really occasionally, a telescope mirror.”

The fact that a Universe is solemnly vanishing has been famous given a late 1990s, though this work shows that it is function opposite all wavelengths from a ultraviolet to a infrared, representing a many extensive comment of a appetite outlay of a circuitously Universe.

“The Universe will decrease from here on in, shifting kindly into aged age. The Universe has fundamentally sat down on a sofa, pulled adult a sweeping and is about to curtsy off for an almighty doze,” concludes Simon Driver.

The group of researchers wish to enhance a work to map appetite prolongation over a whole story of a Universe, regulating a tie of new facilities, including a world’s largest radio telescope, a Square Kilometer Array, that is due to be built in Australia and South Africa over a subsequent decade.

PDF Copy of a Study: Galaxy And Mass Assembly (GAMA): Panchromatic Data Release (far-UV — far-IR) and a low-z appetite budget

Source: European Southern Observatory

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