Published On: Mon, Dec 2nd, 2019

Gallery: This Gorgeous SNES Pixel Art Book Will Make The Perfect Christmas Gift


Award-winning dilettante publisher Bitmap Books has only announced an English-language chronicle of Robert Bannert and Christine Bauer’s Unofficial SNES Pixel Book – and we can sequence it today.

Translated from a strange German in partnership with Elektrospieler, this 272-page book is packaged full of poetic SNES pattern as good as loads of created calm covering some of a console’s many dear titles, like Super Mario World, Street Fighter II, Axelay, Zelda: Link to a Past and Super Castlevania IV.

There are tens of thousands of screenshots enclosed here, all prisoner exclusively for a book, comprising of singular shots, sprites, large montages and even evocative turn maps that remember some of a many noted moments in a favourite SNES releases. Despite a advances of technology, there’s positively an evidence for claiming that a 16-bit epoch binds some of a best 2D video diversion pattern of all time – and this book proves that brilliantly.

We’ve been propitious adequate to root by a preview duplicate of a book, and can endorse it really hits a spot. The essay is eager and engaging, while a pattern allows a extraordinary pixel art to do a rest of a talking. The book is solemnly damaged adult into applicable sections, so games of a same genre are placed together.

The book is stable by a spot-varnished protecting slipcase and costs £29.99. If you’re looking for a ideal present for a gaming-obsessed crony or relative, afterwards this fits a check – unwell that, we could subtly ask someone to get it for we instead. Ahem.

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