Published On: Tue, Nov 26th, 2019

Gallery: Pokémon Sword And Shield Concept Art Shows Gym Leaders, Player Characters And More

Concept art Pokemon Sword ShieldThe Pokémon Company, around @pokexperto

If we only can’t get adequate of Pokémon Sword and Shield‘s charming universe and expel of characters, you’ll expected suffer browsing by these judgment art pieces common online.

The images seen subsequent seem to be photographs of a arriving Collector’s Edition of a central plan guide, that is set to recover in North America early subsequent month (Europeans can already get their hands on a customary release). We can see judgment art for a games’ Gym Leaders, a actor characters, and more.

All photos were found around Twitter user @pokexperto:

Back in October, The Pokémon Company strictly common some beautiful judgment art of a Galar segment itself.

Have we been enjoying a art impression and impression pattern of a new games? If you’ve visited Ballonlea yet, how beautiful is that place!? Chat with us in a comments below.

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