Published On: Mon, Jan 30th, 2017

Galaxy Tab S3 Performs Just as Fast as a Galaxy S7, According to Benchmarks

Previous specifications trickle of a Galaxy Tab S3 suggested that it was housing a Snapdragon 820, giving us wish that Samsung wasn’t compromising in outfitting components that would broach a aloft turn of opening from a inscription side of a company’s business. According to a leaked benchmarking sheet, a arriving line-up has achieved near-equal to a Galaxy S7, that is regarded as one of a best and fastest Android flagships of 2017. With smartphones removing incorporated with most improved hardware, this is something uninformed to demeanour brazen to.

Leaked Benchmarking Sheet Shows That a Galaxy Tab S3 Might Feature UFS 2.0 Storage Coupled With Faster LPDDR4 RAM

The indication series identified in a benchmarking piece is a Galaxy Tab S3 SM-T825 and also facilities an LTE modem (via Tablet Monkeys), suggesting that Samsung is going to be announcing dual variants down a road; one that will concede mobile connectivity and one that will not. The considerable thing about a benchmarking piece given next is that a Galaxy Tab S3 performs scarcely identical to a speeds of Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge, that we don’t see mostly given phone manufacturers are focusing on these smaller computing inclination than tablets on comment that a marketplace has been kinder to them.

From a prior specifications leak, a Galaxy Tab S3 is pronounced to underline a Snapdragon 820, a same SoC benefaction in both a Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge, with 4GB of RAM complementing a processor and 32GB of onboard storage. Just like a predecessors, we should see a MicroSD label opening to concede for serve storage enlargement and a shade distance according to a trickle is 9.6 inches when totalled diagonally.

A inscription with a incomparable shade will be means to accommodate a incomparable battery ability and unless we’ll be saying another hardware trickle in a future, a theory is that Samsung is going to extent a Galaxy Tab S3 family to a singular shade model, all a while incorporating LTE connectivity in a totally opposite various for a somewhat aloft cost tag.

There is no recover date supposing for a tablet, though we’ll keep tabs on it and surprise we on a latest development. Hopefully, a proclamation of a Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is going to take place during a MWC 2017 trade show.

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