Published On: Fri, Jul 14th, 2017

Galaxy Note7 Fan Edition Teardown Unleashes It As Note7 With New and Smaller Battery

Some vital issues tormented a Galaxy Note7, and a deadliest one was a bent to raze while charging. As deadly as it sounds, a device painful many users, and in a end, Samsung had to face a vital financial downtime by recalling all a units of a inadequate device.

Months ahead, Samsung embarked on a new tour – desperately perplexing to strew a bad broadside that a Note7 had brought to a brand, and it succeeded in doing so, as a Galaxy S8 lineup garnered soap-box reviews from all around and a bezel-less pattern was an component of praise. That gave adequate bravery to a company, and it announced a recover of a refurbished chronicle of a barbarous Galaxy Note7, renamed as a Galaxy Not Fan Edition.

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Today, a famous teardown group from iFixit took a device and ripped it open to find out a components used in it. As expected, a device is a reproduction of a Note7 though with a new and smaller battery. Samsung has used all a components from a Note7 in a Fan Edition, solely for a battery that caused a fury.

In a note about a teardown of a Galaxy Note Fan Edition teardown, iFixit says:

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Beyond batteries, we’ve got accurately a same phone: no justification of a rumored processor bumps, and no surprises. So a Galaxy Note Fan Edition still earns (or rather inherits) a 4 out of 10 on a repairability scale. Well, as prolonged as it doesn’t self destruct.

Samsung Galaxy Note7 Fan Edition Teardown

Photo Credit: iFixit

In contrariety with a 13.48Wh (3500mAh) battery on a Galaxy Note 7, a Fan Edition facilities a smaller 12.32Wh (3200mAh) battery that weighs reduction than a Note7 – obviously. The battery used on a Note7 weighed 47.7 grams, while a battery on Galaxy Note Fan Edition weighs 45.4 grams.

Gearing adult for a Galaxy Note 8

Samsung claims that it will usually sell 400,000 units of a Galaxy Note Fan Edition in South Korea. The association is nonetheless to confirm either it will recover a device in other regions. The phone was labelled during KRW 699,000 (roughly $616.28) and debuted in South Korea on Jul 7. So far, a Note Fan Edition did not means any issue, and now Samsung is gearing adult to launch a inheritor to a Galaxy Note7, a Galaxy Note 8.

Source: iFixit

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