Published On: Thu, Sep 28th, 2017

Galaxy Note 8 Edges Past iPhone 8 Plus in Real-World Speed Test Results

Last year, a iPhone 7 Plus was crowned a real-world speed exam champion as it tore by a competition, that enclosed a likes of a Galaxy Note7 and Pixel. Now we design that interjection to a considerable discriminate and graphical opening of a A11 Bionic SoC in a iPhone 8 Plus, it too would reason a pretension as a fastest smartphone of 2017. However, it looks a Galaxy Note 8 has a opposite contend in a matter.

Galaxy Note 8’s 6GB RAM Enables a Phone to Retain Memory for Apps and Load Them Faster to Beat a iPhone 8 Plus

The Galaxy Note 8 facilities 6GB of RAM while a iPhone 8 Plus sports half that yet interjection to a optimization of iOS 11, a real-world exam formula should have been easy pickings for a latter right? Well, not utterly since even yet a 5.5-inch handset is means to zip past a Galaxy Note 8 in a initial path by loading apps in discerning succession, a second path is where a story fast changes.

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Since a Galaxy Note 8 is means to keep some-more apps in a credentials interjection to a RAM upgrade, it is means to glow adult those apps immediately, something that a iPhone 8 Plus is incompetent to do and eventually loses to a Note 8 in a latest real-world exam formula conducted by PhoneBuff.

This miss of app influence in a credentials could also be since Apple’s iOS 11 needs a few bug fixes. After all, PhoneBuff did not mention if a device was using a latest iOS 11.01 complement refurbish or not, so we will have to come behind to these tests in a nearby future.

You can check out a exam down in a video next and also let us know your thoughts down in a comments.

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