Published On: Fri, Jan 11th, 2019

Gain Ground And Puyo Puyo Join The Sega AGES Line-Up On Switch Next Month

I find it peculiar that both Sega and Nintendo go with this season feed proceed to retro games. we mean, I’m certain there contingency be a approach to make some-more income and greatfully a fans rather than give us one diversion during a time during £6.99 or whatever. we meant for outpace – we spent income in a arcades, mega expostulate etc, because should we have to buy again? Surely a aim marketplace is a people who creatively played also, so we can’t be a usually one meditative this way.

Just give us a container of games for any console and be finished with it – we (sega/nintendo) will make a mass sire that way. E.g. give us 20arcade as one pack, 20dreamcast as another, 20 GameCube etc. Charge £20 for that, make certain in that 20 games there are a integrate of gems though widespread a gems over many packs. Or even better, give me an choice to buy a £20 a month subscription giving me retro diversion entrance – afterwards we will get £240 a year rather than maybe £60 from these packs.
If everybody subscribed, your on to a leader

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