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G.Skill Unveils AMD Ryzen and Threadripper Optimized DDR4 Trident Z RGB Memory Kits – Available in Up To 128 GB Capacities For X399 | #1 Technology News Source by Kalen2utech
Published On: Sat, Sep 23rd, 2017

G.Skill Unveils AMD Ryzen and Threadripper Optimized DDR4 Trident Z RGB Memory Kits – Available in Up To 128 GB Capacities For X399

G.Skill has strictly announced their latest high-performance DDR4 Trident Z RGB memory kits for AMD’s Ryzen and Threadripper platform. The new memory kits safeguard a best harmony and support for AMD’s new era of processors on a X370 and X399 motherboards.

G.Skill Trident Z RGB Now Fully Optimized For AMD Ryzen and AMD Ryzen Threadripper Platforms – Launching in Up To 128 GB Capacities

Now initial thing first, we all adore AMD’s new Ryzen and Threadripper CPU platforms. They offer high finish opening and disruptive pricing that have jarred things adult in a CPU industry. Now a new CPU height takes time to mature as it receives updates in a form of excellent tuned program and a operation of upheld and concordant hardware. In a box of AMD, memory support has been really essential though manufacturers like G.Skill are operative turn a time to excellent balance a opening on their memory kits.

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As such, G.Skill has announced now that they will be charity an AMD Ryzen and Threadripper specific line of Trident Z RGB DDR4 memory kits. These memory kits come in a far-reaching operation of options. We are looking during capacities of 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB and even 128 GB (8 x 16 GB) if we wish to use X399 height to a fullest potential. Also, we are looking during really optimized time speeds of DDR4-3200 MHz (CL14), DDR4-2933 MHz (CL14 / CL16) and DDR4-2400 MHz (CL15). G.Skill has a singular fixing intrigue for all AMD optimized memory kits that will finish with “TZRX” while Intel optimized memory kits finish with “TZR” branding. Following is a list of all memory kits that are optimized for AMD platforms:

Trident Z RGB Memory Kits on AMD Platforms

AMD now has dual height offerings, where Ryzen supports dual-channel with 2 or 4 memory modules and Threadripper supports quad-channel memory with 4 or 8 memory modules. To give a boost in memory opening to AMD number-crunching workstations and high-end striking digest systems, G.SKILL offers several selections for any AMD platform, including memory speeds of adult to DDR4-2933MHz or ultra-high ability during 128GB (8x16GB). For sum on specifications and harmony support of a new Trident Z RGB kits, greatfully impute to a following table:

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TZR”X” – The New Line-up
To compute between a new AMD-optimized Trident Z RGB kits from a original, demeanour for a “X” during a finish of a Trident Z RGB indication numbers. Please impute to a following chart, that shows a disproportion in a indication number:

OC Profile Support Availability

These new Trident Z RGB models support OC form support on concordant motherboards, only simply capacitate a OC form in BIOS to grasp these high opening DDR4 memory speeds. These new models are scheduled for recover around G.SKILL certified placement partners in Oct 2017.

Aside from being concordant with AMD platforms, a G.Skill Trident Z RGB kits are some of a best looking memory modules designed to date. The RGB Lighting on a tip and a plain steel heatsink with brushed aluminum textures demeanour and feel really reward inside desktop PCs. If we are a one who wants their PC to demeanour great, these are some of a best memory modules we can squeeze right now. The accessibility is settled for Oct 2017 though we will refurbish we once these are accessible on sell outlets.

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