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G.Skill Trident Z RGB 32 GB (4 x 8 GB) 3600 MHz CL16 DDR4 Memory Kit Review

G.Skill is one of a tip memory manufacturers famous to gamers and enthusiasts in a PC industry. The association has been specializing in a memory attention for several years and their memory kits are unequivocally renouned among a masses. There are memory lines from G.Skill that have been a eye-catcher given a association was formed, Trident and Ripjaws.

Both of these array have now spin a choice of enthusiasts and overclockers as they come with an considerable specifications list and some of a best pattern schemes in a market. What we will be looking during now is how G.Skill is redefining how PC memory is done for gamers and high-end users. We will be looking during G.Skill’s latest Trident Z RGB DDR4 memory container that has been one of a many renouned DDR4 memory container on several sell outlets.

Before we start this review, we would like to appreciate G.Skill for providing us a G.Skill Trident Z RGB and G.Skill Trident Z memory kits for examination purposes. We will be comparing a G.Skill product with memory kits of other manufacturers in a review.

G.Skill Trident Z RGB 32 GB DDR4 Memory Kit Specifications

The G.Skill Trident Z RGB 32 GB DDR4 memory container rocks some considerable specifications. The new Trident Z’s are some of a fastest clocked memory kits that can go as high as 4266 MHz. The container we perceived is optimized during a time speed of 3600 MHz (PC4-28800). The memory container consists of 4 8 GB DIMMs that make adult a sum of 32 GB in capacity.

The memory container has a tested latency spec of CL16 and a timings are 16-16-16-36-2N for this specific kit. Voltage set during anxiety is 1.35V and a memory container comes in an un-buffered package with Non-ECC (Error Checking) design. The memory container is entirely agreeable with Intel’s XMP 2.0 and can be simply set to it’s rated time speeds by a BIOS shipped on latest Intel motherboards. Memory harmony differs from motherboard to motherboard so make certain that your house is high-end and rated to support high time speed memory sticks.

G.Skill offers a singular lifetime guaranty with their G.Skill Trident Z RGB array memory kits. The tallness of these DIMMs is 44mm or 1.73 inch. They are a bit massive and a heatsinks extend towards a tip creation it harder to exercise these with a dual-fan heatsink cooler. Make certain there’s adequate space with a atmosphere cooler before installing these. The container would go ideally good with a AIO glass cooling solution, withdrawal room for a RGB lightning showcase.

G.Skill Trident Z RGB 32 GB 3600 MHz Memory Kit Specifications:

G.Skill Trident Z RGB 32 GB DDR4 Memory Kit Unboxing and Close Up

The G.Skill Trident Z RGB array memory comes in box wrapping and not inexpensive cosmetic material. The box has a G.Skill Trident Z RGB labels on a front. The front also reads a note that a memory is now means to arrangement a singular lightning outcome though a new Trident Z RGB array application allows for immeasurable alteration by a user.

The behind of a box reads down an introduction of G.Skill’s Trident Z RGB array memory along with a specifications. In a case, we are looking during a F4-3600C16W-32GTZR SKU that facilities 32 GB of RAM ability that is clocked in during 3600 MHz during CL16 timing. The box is hermetic by a singular plaque that can be simply private to entrance a memory kit.

Within a package are twin cosmetic containers that reason 4 DDR4 sticks (two inside any container). Both containers are easy to entrance and come with twin G.Skill box stickers that demeanour great.

Outside of a package, a G.Skill Trident Z RGB array includes a many overwhelming DRAM modules we have ever seen. Sure, Corsair Dominator array is also one memory container that stands out from a rest though G.Skill has designed a stunner. The front side of a G.Skill Trident Z DRAM facilities a brushed Metallic black hardness while a behind facilities a brushed Metallic china texture. This goes good with all forms of PC setups even if we don’t wish to use a RGB feature.

The memory modules are massive and container a plain heatsink that delivers optimal thermal performance. The sides underline a vast Trident Z RGB logo. The DRAMs are entirely lonesome by this aluminum safeguarded heatsink so aloft temperatures won’t be an emanate on these sticks.

The tip of a memory modules houses a RGB system. The tip is kind of an acrylic cover with white cloaking that hides a RGB lights underneath it. Multiple RGB LEDs reside underneath this cover and it looks aesthetically great.

G.Skill Trident Z RGB 32 GB DDR4 Memory Kit Test Setup

For testing, we used a latest Intel Core i7-7700K processor that is concordant with aloft magnitude memory like a Trident Z RGB. The motherboard used was an AORUS Z270X-Gaming 9 and we booted a memory though any issues. The XMP form to capacitate a 3600 MHz magnitude had to be set from a BIOS and it wasn’t a tough task. The new 200-series motherboards are entirely concordant with a quick DDR4 DIMMs.

G.Skill Trident Z RGB 32 GB Memory Test Setup:

The memory container comprises of 4 DIMMs that work in dual/quad channel mode. Since we were using a Z270 platform, a memory was handling in twin channel while an X99 setup would have resulted in a 4-channel memory interface. The memory is clocked during 3600 MHz. Clock timing is set during 16 and a ability is 32 GB for this specific kit.

G.Skill Trident Z RGB 32 GB DDR4 Memory Kit – RGB Lightning Showcase

The categorical concentration of a new G.Skill memory container is RGB and child oh boy, does it demeanour great. The RGB LEDs are tranquil directly by vigilance estimate around a DDR4 memory slot. G.Skill has a program famous as “Trident Z RGB” that is still in decline though does offer good support for a memory on several Intel 100 and 200-series motherboards.

The memory runs in a default “Rainbow Wave” mode when plugged in a slots. G.Skill has enabled rgb support on ASUS AURA motherboards and will after be extended to other manufacturers. We tested a container with a Gigabyte motherboard and while a program was a large cart that is to be approaching due to a BETA nature, it still authorised us to run opposite effects on a memory.

Through a software, LEDs for any memory can be configured individually. There are a operation of RGB effects and animations accessible along with immobile mode and we can also spin a LEDs On and Off.

G.Skill Trident Z RGB 32 GB DDR4 Memory Kit Performance Tests

I have distant a opening tests in twin sections. The initial territory consists of pristine fake and ubiquitous effort tests while a second territory would be focusing on a gaming opening and how opposite games are influenced by aloft clocked memory sticks.

Synthetic Benchmarks and Workload Performance Tests:

Gaming Performance Tests:

Gaming applications generally don’t see outrageous gains with opposite memory kits though DDR4 has enabled a outrageous advantage in memory magnitude that can impact gaming performance. Moving from a batch 2600 MHz to 3600 MHz gained us anywhere from 5 to 10 FPS that is something that wasn’t probable formerly on comparison DDR3 memory kits. DDR4 is many mature during a impulse than it was ever before.

Furthermore, while 8 GB has spin a customary for gaming PCs, complicated applications such as modifying program and multi-tasking users can advantage hugely from 16 GB and 32 GB kits that have spin some-more common in a gaming marketplace over a final integrate of years.


Coming to a final proviso of this review, we would like to contend that G.Skill has unequivocally built something out of a ordinary. Others have attempted to exercise LEDs on memory kits though their attempts haven’t been such an eye catcher as G.Skill’s new product. The G.Skill Trident Z RGB stands out from a rest of a throng and in doing so, it looks gorgeous. The RGB trend is something of a strike and skip though G.Skill has nailed it in a  very initial attempt.

Sure, RGB is not everyone’s fondness though aside from looking great, a Trident Z RGB is a unequivocally plain memory container that runs during it settled clocked speeds though any issues. G.Skill has grown a repute among a fan village as a manufacturer of solid, high-performance and arguable memory. So we got a 3600 MHz memory kit, tested it on mixed Z270 play and it ran though an issue. It’s still advisable to check your manufacturer if your house can run a settled speeds though Intel’s XMP has it all underneath control.

The 32 GB container gave me lot’s of room for a exam supply to widen a legs. From video modifying to a many memory hogging gaming titles, a container had no problem and still had over half of complement impel accessible even underneath a many wildest stages. Browsing chrome with mixed tabs open (say 60+) can be a large memory sow though when we have 32 GB of memory in your PC, Chrome is a slightest of your worries. As many as extraordinary it might sound, 32 GB is a bit of profusion for a unchanging gaming builders who won’t need such high ability memory.

This is because G.Skill has several twin and quad channel memory kits of a Trident Z RGB during several time speeds accessible for users. The 8 GB and 16 GB with excellent tuned clocks and low CAS latency capacitate for a improved knowledge during a reduce cost. Multi-tasking users might opt for a aloft ability kits that come in 32 GB and 64 GB sizes though they cost an extra.

As for a RGB software, it’s still in BETA proviso with support for other motherboards rolling out soon. For now, Z270 users will be means to get a many out of a program that has an abounding list of settings to select from. The program will be a pivotal application for PC modders and users who wish PCs to compare their personal preferences. The program does glitched out on several arise though we were told and it reads on G.Skill site too that it’s a BETA chronicle right now. G.Skill has settled that Trident Z RGB support on X99 height is streamer out unequivocally shortly as teased on their Facebook page.

Summing it up, a G.Skill Trident Z RGB series is a best DDR4 memory container ever created. It runs plain and has top-notch opening for a blazing quick memory kit. The 32 GB memory container is ideal for high-end multi-tasking users and enthusiasts who wish to worship their PCs with some beautiful RGB lightning.

The best RGB Lightning, plain performance, high ability and a distinguished design, a G.Skill Trident Z RGB array has it all though for a high price.

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