Published On: Thu, Nov 2nd, 2017

G-Ro rolls out 4 new intelligent bags

I doubt there has been a time that I’ve corkscrew by Facebook and not seen a G-Ro. While this could be partial of a sorcery of retargeting though it could also be predestine given a G-Ro has been one of a biggest and many sparkling changes in carry-on luggage given a rucksack.

The strange G-Ro’s explain to celebrity were a large wheels designed to lift over curbs and offer a smooth, solid ride. we attempted a strange bag recently and found it higher to four-wheeled carry-ons I’ve had though a small infrequently shaped. With some practice, however, we learn where to put several sundries to safeguard correct bucket balance.

The new bags riff on a original’s character and dual models, a Check-In and a Office, embody a span of large wheels and a really stout and prolonged handle. The other two, a Backpack XV and Backpack Light, take styling and element cues from a strange and offer some engaging facilities of their own.

Most important, obviously, is capacity. The Check-In can reason a large volume of rigging including a few pairs of boots in a apart slot and a series of pockets designed for easy entrance to required items. All of a bags embody a built-in rechargeable battery so we can assign on a go. It costs $299 during a Kickstarter promotion.

The Office acts as a laptop case, a request filing system, and even has room for a few overnight things. This one costs $269. The Backpack XV is some-more like a wearable duffel that can enhance and a Backpack Light is a singly styled smaller trek that can reason a 13-inch laptop. They cost $129 and $179 during a Kickstarter promotion.

Bags haven’t altered most given a emergence of time: we vale something out and put things into it. I’m gratified to see G-Ro holding things to a subsequent turn with a bag that uses CO fiber, large wheels, and lots of pattern smarts to keep us rolling by checkpoints with ease.

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