Published On: Tue, Apr 23rd, 2019

Frost Reveal Completes The Mortal Kombat 11 Launch Roster

Guys, those of we that know me trust my opinion (or during slightest don’t consider I’m a TOTAL idiot) and we am here to tell you- MK11 on Switch is absolutely, undeniably, indisputedly, JAW DROPPINGLY AMAZING.

All a chatter, all a rumors, all a “it doesn’t demeanour as good as blah blah blah”….just stop reading that crap and play a bloody game. If you’re comparing it to other versions you’re blank a point. Besides that, I’ve watched some of that things too and NONE of it matters when you’re holding this in your hands. I’ll straightforwardly acknowledge that I’m a Switch-only guy, so a differences don’t meant many to me, yet this is many positively a many pleasing warrior I’ve ever played…and this is also a 100% truth: we don’t even unequivocally like fighting games all that much. we buy them, we play them for a small while, and afterwards we tend to pierce on. This one though? It’s insanely fast, runs during a stone plain 60 FPS, and I’m super vehement to take a time to learn characters, moves, etc. There is a ton of calm here, and it even sounds like they’re gonna patch out some of a grindy things everybody seems to have issues with. I’ve finished a simple educational and I’ve used with 3 characters so distant (Baraka, Noob, and Kabal) and we will puncture in serve after work after once a kiddos go to bed, so we can’t fake to have spent a ton of time with it yet given there are 0 Switch reviews out there we wanted to make certain we widespread a word. Keep your expectations grounded, stop looking for reasons NOT to like it, and get in there now, it’s an extraordinary diversion and we attest for the awesomeness 110%.

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