Published On: Mon, Oct 9th, 2017

Frontier Reveals Roadmap for Elite: Dangerous, Shows First In-Game Trailer for Jurassic World Evolution

Frontier Developments, a UK studio behind games like Elite: Dangerous and Planet Coaster, hold a Frontier Expo 2017 in London final Saturday.

At a event, a developers announced a roadmap of updates entrance to Elite: Dangerous going forward. This is a outline of a highlights put together on a central subreddit of a game.

jurassicRelated Frontier’s Jurassic World Evolution Coming Summer 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

  • 2018’s array of updates will be called “Beyond”, with a initial recover function in Q1 2018 and will be giveaway for owners of Horizon.
  • Planetary Tech redo – new lighting system, element digest pass, diversification of landscape, and more.
  • Planetary Terrain Rework: Addition of Rock Scatter refurbish for incomparable distance and scale of turf objects, along with localized haze effects too in sequence to make opposite world forms feel some-more graphic from one another.
  • Quality of Life improvements – Better Crime and Punishment (including softened armed complement authority), Better trade information for some-more sensitive preference making, Wing Missions, and Engineering to be reworked to pledge softened apparatus for players.
  • Guardian Arc to be revisited, providing new calm such as Guardian tech; particularly new hardpoint equipment. These will need to be unbarred for players on an particular basement (through “personal narratives”), as against to how we are unlocking a stream AX weapons by Community Goals.
  • Galnet Audio: Galnet will be supposing with a text-to-speech middle for a articles.
  • “A lot some-more ships to come”: So far, Type-10, Krait and Chieftain ships have been confirmed. Latter dual are Lakon projects in and with a Alliance.
  • Squadrons – A new height for a clan-like complement charity extended communications for a operation of players. Also charity a ability for Squadrons to squeeze boat carriers, that allows players to rearm, repair, refuel and respawn.
  • Mining to be revisited – Devs wish to plead a feeling of “Wild West Prospecting”, giving players new collection to find and feat ore reserves.
  • Exploration to be revisited – Will be updated to supplement a apartment of new activities to find and rivet with. In further to Exploration missions and a Codex to record discoveries and act as a arrange of thesaurus for space anomalies. With a further of new effects, phenomenae and anomalies to discover.
  • Thargoid Arc extended: Story will naturally be progressed, with a introduction of a new boat or “clan” of Thargoids.

In other Frontier news, a studio also suggested a initial demeanour trailer during Jurassic World Evolution, due to launch subsequent year. Check it out below.

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