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Friendly Apps raises $3 million, pre-product, for apps that improve people’s well-being | #1 Technology News Source by Kalen2utech
Published On: Fri, May 27th, 2022

Friendly Apps raises $3 million, pre-product, for apps that urge people’s well-being

Longtime operative and product engineer Michael Sayman has been building apps given he was a kid, alighting him roles during Facebook, Google, Roblox and, many recently, Twitter, where he’s mostly been tasked with building products directed during a teenage audience. Sayman was usually 17 when he assimilated Facebook, though had already built several apps — an knowledge documented in his book “App Kid.” Over a years, Sayman contributed to high-profile products like Instagram Stories, WhatsApp Status, YouTube Shorts and a Roblox Graph, among others. Now, Sayman is looking to precedence his bargain of what users wish from their apps with a launch of his new startup, Friendly Apps.

The startup’s topic is that his generation, Gen Z, understands that many of a amicable apps that have been built to date can be poisonous to users’ health and can forestall people from accomplishing their loyal goals. Friendly Apps’ goal is to emanate a apartment of apps with a opposite set of values that are targeted toward assisting people with both their earthy and mental health in new ways.

Prior to starting Friendly Apps, Sayman was operative during Twitter. In fact, a owner had usually assimilated Twitter in March, where he dictated to assist a amicable network by building out new product practice for teenagers around a 0–1 team.

But after a Elon Musk merger understanding was announced, inner product growth efforts slowed down, he says. That conditions gave him a pull to finally mangle out of Big Tech to work on his possess thing.

“It takes a billionaire perplexing to acquire a association that we worked during for me to finally go and do this,” Sayman says, with a laugh.

The thought for Friendly Apps is something he’s had in a behind of his mind for years as he’s seen how tech companies grown their products.

“A lot of amicable media products use influence strategy that solemnly mellow a contentment and mental health of their users since of a approach they’re designed,” explains Sayman. The companies speedy a wrong behaviors from their users, and have turn renouned since they’re addictive, he says.

“They have strategy to keep people entrance in.”

He suggests a problem lies not usually with a product design, though also with a inner goals and metrics companies pursue.

“The structures and a incentives within a lot of these amicable media companies are not set adult in a approach to inspire longer-term meditative around a contentment of a chairman that’s regulating a product,” Sayman notes. “If somebody is not doing good on a platform…if they’re feeling anxious, vexed or insecure, over time, they’ll stop regulating a product. They’ll try to find other avenues or other ways of communicating or joining with a people they caring about by some other means,” he says.

Image Credits: Michael Sayman (opens in a new window)

Sayman wants Friendly Apps to be different. Although a startup will take a learnings from amicable apps and products he’s helped emanate for teens, a apps won’t be usually directed during Gen Z users.

As for a apps themselves, they haven’t nonetheless been created. Despite that fact, a startup lifted a seed turn of $3 million in about a week’s time. It seems a lot of people were peaceful to gamble on Sayman, starting with Weekend Fund’s Ryan Hoover, owner of Product Hunt.

“I’ve famous Michael for 8 years. It was transparent that he would eventually start his possess company. He has a unequivocally singular ability to deeply intuit tellurian behavior, interpret his ideas into purify pattern and build quickly,” says Hoover. “We committed to deposit pre-product, pre-deck.”

Sayman does have a few opposite product ideas, however. He envisions one app could be focused on assisting people grasp their earthy aptness goals — even if they’re not a unchanging gym-goer or runner, or some other kind of hardcore aptness advocate.

Another app could assistance people remember to prioritize their real-world relations and inspire them to spend time with people they caring about in a earthy world.

“Everyone’s doing so many things that we don’t indeed finish adult throwing adult in chairman for a while,” Sayman says.

As time goes by, friendships can mellow as people know reduction and reduction about any other, that can impact mental health. Today’s amicable apps don’t assistance — they usually serve besiege us, he explains. Instead, we finish adult experiencing relations by “a small little window of filtered photos,” he notes.

“We didn’t develop to live that approach — like we all do right now,” says Sayman. “So we consider a lot of a mental health issues that we start seeing, in sold with younger generations, come as a outcome of a lot of that siege and that ‘tiny window’ perspective of a world.”

The owner also skeleton to move his worldview as a second-generation Latino newcomer into Friendly Apps’ product experiences, saying a intensity to assistance residence specific hurdles that new immigrants to a U.S. might need to overcome.

Image Credits: Friendly Apps

But these sorts of concepts might or might not be among a initial apps to launch. Instead, a startup skeleton to exam a apartment of products, experiences, facilities and even several pattern elements before bringing anything to a public.

Sayman can build apps quickly. But as a solitary founder, he will still need some time to get a products off a belligerent and tested. He hopes to have something expelled to a open in around 6 months, he says.

Seed investors in Friendly Apps embody BoxGroup, Weekend Fund, Shrug Capital, Day One Ventures, Betaworks Ventures, SRB Ventures, 305 Ventures and CoreVentures, and founders and operators from Snap, TikTok, Instagram, Meta, Google, Tesla, Things and others.

The association also wants to embody a perspectives of those outward Silicon Valley, Sayman says.

One angel investor, Hayley Leibson, told TechCrunch she was “extremely happy that Michael prioritized bringing onboard womxn angel investors like myself, and others including teachers, mothers, students and immigrants from different backgrounds.”

“The tech attention doesn’t unequivocally accumulate a lot of investors from places that aren’t a tech industry,” Sayman points out. “If we’re meditative about how to make products that assistance people’s mental health and assistance people’s earthy well-being…I consider we can have opinions, feedback and submit directly from people who aren’t in a tech world.”

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