Published On: Tue, Aug 29th, 2017

Friday a 13th Update Increases Texture Resolution on Xbox One; Major Memory Leak Fixed & More

Developer Gun Media has expelled a new Friday a 13th refurbish for all platforms, that adds new smaller maps, improves stability, and many more.

The refurbish is a large one for Xbox One players as many crashing issues have been addressed, and according to a developer, a diversion should be distant some-more stable. Furthermore, a hardness fortitude on Xbox One has been increased.

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Various bug fixes and tweaks have also been deployed, that you’ll find some-more about in a central recover records for a update:



Overall fortitude should be drastically softened due to a series of pile-up fixes and a vital memory trickle fix.

friday-the-13th-the-gameRelated Friday a 13th Update Increases Texture Resolution on Xbox One; Major Memory Leak Fixed More


  • Disallowing celebration leaders to join diversion event invites to sessions that do not publicize (private matches). This is due to not being means to hunt for sessions that do not advertise, that prevents celebration members from following their personality into them.
  • Party leaders can now follow open diversion invites, bringing members with them.
  • Steam Matchmaking tries harder to find lower-pinging matches. PS4 matchmaking adult to 6x some-more fit with tighter ping requirements.
  • Fixed XB1 matchmaking bugs.
  • Fixed a series of issues with how a diversion handles Party Invites and Matchmaking; there are still a few issues out there that are singular though it is many improved.
  • Fixed a series of issues on how canceling matchmaking was rubbed that could leave players in a state they could no longer matchmake.
  • Party members now see their celebration leader’s matchmaking station and time.
  • Various improvements to blunder messaging.


  • Added Small Maps for a existent maps; Packanack Small, Higgins Haven Small, and Camp Crystal Lake Small.
  • Increased a firmness of Kill locations on all maps.
  • Adjusted collision on Maps to forestall people from station on water.
  • Adjusted collision on piers to forestall cars from pushing on them .
  • Added a Map Icon to Campfire Kills.
  • Fixed a series of kill spots that were not functioning.
  • Fixed an emanate with not being means to repair vessel propellers formed on vessel positioning on a dock.
  • Placed collision underneath piers to forestall people from swimming underneath them.
  • Fixed a series of areas that a actor could get out of a map.
  • Fixed a series of areas that Counselors could get to that Jason could not.
  • Added improved collision around Boat Exits to forestall Jason from removing to areas he shouldn’t be in.


  • Team Killing changes.
  • Team Killing is no longer probable in Public Matches.
  • Cars can still means repairs to a players if they are hit.
  • Traps can still harm and/or kill a actor though there is no longer an XP chastisement for a chairman that placed a trap in Public Matches.
  • Private Matches have not changed.
  • Fixed an emanate where a Counselors exhale wouldn’t start to recharge if a user continued to reason a symbol after exhale was depleted.
  • Fixed an emanate with Fear being canceled if pulled out of a car.
  • Fixed an emanate with a Police Objective function when it shouldn’t be.
  • Fixed a series of issues per objects descending by a ground.
  • Fixed an emanate where Damage and Stun possibility were usually being distributed on a initial attack.
  • Jason can no longer retard by traps, firecrackers, light guns, shotguns, and a Police.
  • Fixed trustworthiness of perks that parent equipment during a start of a match.

Misc Fixes

  • Increased hardness fortitude on a XB1.
  • Fixed a PhD for Murder Achievement/Trophy.
  • Improved intro and outro cinematics.
  • Fixed actor pale states infrequently removing “lost” after turn change.
  • Can now unready in Private Match even when a countdown is low.
  • Fixed a join caused by a video settings savegame after signing in or changing those settings.
  • Localization added; EFIGS+J+P+R

Friday a 13th: The Game is accessible now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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