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Friday a 13th Adds Its First All-New Map, Another Jason, And More in A Killer Update

Grab your good fitness charms, given tomorrow is Friday a 13th, and, appropriately, Friday a 13th: The Game usually forsaken a biggest refurbish nonetheless to celebrate. In further to a common array of tweaks and fixes, this refurbish includes a new map, Jason skin, and counselor.

The map, that is formed on a Jarvis House initial seen in Friday a 13th: The Final Chapter, is a biggest deal, as it’s a initial new plcae to be combined given launch. Previously, we got “small” versions of a game’s 3 strange maps, Camp Crystal Lake, Higgins Haven, and Packanack Lodge, though those were usually remixes of existent material. Here’s a few screenshots of a new map.

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Fans also get a new chronicle of Jason formed on The Final Chapter, and far-out hippie advisor Mitch Floyd. You can check out a new Jason wreaking bloody massacre in and around Jarvis House in a trailer below.

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Here are a full patch records for Friday a 13th: The Game refurbish 1.14:

New Features


  • The Rain underline is now accessible and players might have a possibility to confront this new continue in any of a stream playable maps.

Counselors pushing

  • Counselors are now means to “push” other counselors
  • To forestall players from griefing around “bodyblocking”, we have introduced a new underline that allows Counselors to pull any other. The actor being pushed will solemnly travel divided in a instruction conflicting of a actor pushing. This underline does not impact Jason.


Thick Skinned perk changes:

  • Thick Skinned now reduces ALL repairs ——[Known Issue] Perks that had their values practiced will have no in-game outcome until re-equipped
  • The tooltip for Thick Skinned has been altered from “Take rebate repairs from all incoming attacks.” to “Take rebate damage.“
  • “Originally, Thick Skinned was dictated to revoke repairs privately from Jason’s’ attacks. However, there was a bug that was causing Thick Skinned to request twice that in spin also caused a perk to wrongly revoke all incoming damage. This emanate was bound in a final patch. After deliberation a inner contrast and village feedback, we concluded that a prior iteration of Thick Skinned worked improved for diversion change when a arrogant repairs rebate values were no longer present.”

Stun Duration adjusted:

  • Jason’s Stun Duration timer has been adjusted
  • “Jason’s Stun Duration has been practiced opposite all counselors and equipment to improved change a changes done by a prior bug fix.”

Grease Monkey perk rebalanced:

  • Reduced a efficacy of a Grease Monkey perk ——[Known Issue] Perks that had their values practiced will have no in-game outcome until re-equipped
  • “Grease Monkey was away causing too vast of an impact. We have practiced Grease Monkey to be some-more unchanging with other perks.”

Trap Damage adjusted:

  • All counselors now take a same volume of repairs from traps
  • “Traps have been practiced to inflict a same volume of repairs opposite all counselors. Players that activate a trap will now always be bleeding unless versed with an adequate trap repairs rebate perk.”

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a bug that authorised players to keep perks with aged change values
  • Fixed a bug where a Medic perk to uncover improper volume of charges on a Medical Spray item
  • Fixed a bug that was causing a Grinder perk to unintentionally extend Jason additional XP


  • Fixed a bug that was causing arms continuance values to calculate incorrectly
  • Fixed an emanate where counselors could correlate with circuitously objects during ‘breaking free’ animations
  • Fixed a bug that caused Pamela Voorhees’ Sweater to infrequently not scrupulously seem as equipped
  • Fixed an emanate that caused players to infrequently turn stranded if they used a Emote Wheel while in hiding
  • Fixed an emanate that would infrequently means counselors to disappear from customization menus


  • Fixed a bug that was causing Jason 9 to have a aloft bottom HP than intended. His HP should now scrupulously simulate his tooltip
  • Fixed a bug in Private Matches where selecting a actor to be Jason in a pre-game menu was not operative properly
  • Fixed a bug that would infrequently pile-up a customer if Jason grabs a Counselor that is sitting in a boat
  • Fixed a bug causing Firecrackers to jolt Jason by certain walls

Tommy Jarvis

  • Fixed a bug that caused a Tommy Jarvis’ attainment cutscene to infrequently not be displayed
  • Fixed a bug that was causing a second Tommy Jarvis indication to appear
  • Fixed a bug that authorised Tommy Jarvis to be killed during his intro cinematic
  • Fixed a bug that could infrequently means Tommy Jarvis to parent for a away player


  • The “Police Arrival Timer” and “Match End Timer” are now scrupulously in sync while in Spectator Mode
  • Fixed an emanate where after re-joining a session, a witness will pile-up after spectating Jason’s death


  • General —–Tidied adult several advisor presence feat locations on all maps
  • Packanack —–The Phone Box on a cabin can now be remade regardless of a angle it is approached from —–Fixed an emanate that authorised players to expostulate out of bounds
  • Packanack Small —–Fixed an emanate that prevented players from interacting with a Poker in one of a cabins —–The Power Box outward of a stable is no longer being blocked by a tree —–The stacks of grain bales by a Archery Range are now scrupulously blocked off —–Fixed an emanate that caused players to be incompetent to collect adult a Shotgun nearby a Archery Range


  • Fixed a bug that was permitting players to cancel a animation while withdrawal a car
  • User Interface
  • Jason can scrupulously entrance a scoreboard again
  • Spectators can scrupulously entrance a scoreboard again
  • Updated a rise for a compare intro movies


  • Reduced a timer to start a compare (only when a run is full)


  • Volume of a intro film reduced

Friday a 13th publisher Gun Media have also announced another new counselor, Fox from F13: Part III, will be entrance soon.

Thinking of giving Friday a 13th: The Game another try now that it’s finally combined some poignant new content? Or have we stayed on house all along?

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