Published On: Fri, Feb 28th, 2020

Fresh Gameplay Details For Animal Crossing: New Horizon Emerge From PAX East 2020

Animal Crossing New Horizons

PAX East 2020 is now in full swing, and a eventuality has given us a inexhaustible assisting of uninformed Animal Crossing: New Horizons information interjection to a fact that a playable demo is accessible on a uncover floor.

Our friends over during US Gamer have pulled together some info on a PAX East build of a game, and have reported a following new gameplay details:

Kicks a Shunk’s store has new items

Kicks a Skunk now sells bags and other accessories, as good as shoes. Thanks to an off-screen print taken during PAX East and common on Reddit by user Sparr126da, we can see that Kicks peddles equipment like follower bags, backpacks, purses, gymnastics leggings, and more.

8zdpmy47hhj41© Sparr126da

You can fish for new animals, including a gnawing turtle

Screenshot 2020 02 28 At 09.55.07© SuperTristan2017

You can toggle a camera so it looks some-more like a GameCube chronicle (thanks, GameXplain)

This is one of a coolest things people have found in a demo. By clicking a right-hand analogue stick, we can get a some-more impassioned top-down perspective of a action, not distinct how it was in a GameCube chronicle of a game. The engaging bit of a video next happens during a 6-minute mark.

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