Published On: Mon, Apr 6th, 2020

Former founders of SocialRank have launched a pursuit house for COVID-19 layoffs

The COVID-19 pestilence has already triggered a series of layoffs opposite industries, from transport companies to scooter startups. But, as a gray footnote to all tragedies, we’re starting to see creation cocktail by a cracks — and hopefully assistance some people, as well.

Back in November, Alexander Taub and Michael Schonfeld launched Upstream, a amicable media height for professionals, to a tiny organisation of roughly 800 beta testers. The idea was to give folks a place to network and ask for introductions in a some-more digitally friendly, mobile-first height than LinkedIn groups. The association depends Hunter Walk of Homebrew, Olivia Benjamin of Bain Capital Ventures and D’Arcy Coolican of Andreessen Horowitz as beta users. The devise was to launch publicly this summer. 

However, as companies have cut staff, a co-founders are rising Upstream to a open progressing than expected, with a specific idea to plead layoffs from COVID-19. 

“When a coronavirus hit, we were like, oh my God we’re gonna have crazy unemployment,” Taub tells me. “It’s one thing to have a retrogression depression, though there’s also going to be a 0 direct bend since like, we can’t go outside. So this is going to be bad.”

As a result, Taub motionless to double down on something he was already saying occur organically on a platform: pursuit employing and purpose recommendations. 

Once a user signs adult to a platform, they can join a COVID-19 group. They can afterwards select what they wish to post: looking to hire; looking for a job; or looking to help. Being means to usually issue these 3 forms of posts, remarkable Taub, is partial of a reason Upstream is opposite from a Slack organisation or LinkedIn.

Once a note is posted, users can directly summary other users in a organisation to follow adult on a pursuit posting or comfortable intro. When we asked Taub how he’s scheming for a intensity uptick in usage, he pronounced that “if this blows up…we will put adult a gate” to extent a volume of posts that go live any minute. 

Other groups on a height that are not nonetheless open to a open embody Jews in Tech, Business Development and Earlybirds.

Taub pronounced he and Schonfeld launched Upstream with a perspective to concentration on people in tech. But in new months, Taub says he’s beheld organisation members outward of tech have used it, including tiny business owners and teachers. 

There has been small creation in support for layoffs. Most layoff solutions exist in a form of pursuit acid groups on Facebook, communities on Slack and even a plain-old spreadsheet that includes a list of people to hire. Taub is betting that “people wish a dedicated place to be some-more vulnerable…because it’s a small worried seeking for assistance on Facebook.” 

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