Published On: Fri, Aug 4th, 2017

For Honor Season 3 Announced, Gladiator & Highlander Classes Revealed

Ubisoft has announced that “Grudge Glory”, For Honor Season 3, will be accessible on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 starting from Aug 15th. In a central trailer, we can take a demeanour during a essence of a new update.

“Grudge Glory” will embody a latest novelties of For Honor, introducing new heroes, maps, equipment, personal games, and a horde of upgrades to a diversion experience. Upgrades and maps will be accessible for giveaway to all players during a commencement of a third season, while new heroes, including a unapproachable Highlander and a imminent Gladiator, will be accessible giveaway of assign to Season Pass holders on Aug 15th.

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Those who have not purchased a Season Pass will be means to clear them directly in a diversion from Aug 22 for 15,000 pieces of steel. The commencement of a For Honor Season 3 will be a initial step in a game’s growth program, that includes a new deteriorate in Nov and a introduction of dedicated servers.

Check a central descriptions for Highlander and Gladiator below:

Highlander (Viking Hybrid) – Highlanders are studious heroes means of switching between dual opposite fighting forms. Their defensive form allows for counter-attacking and trade blows, while their descent form empowers them to unleash their deadliest attacks during a responsibility of being means to block. Wielding a heaviest and longest sword in a game, a Highlander’s large claymore gives them a lethal multiple of strength and range.

Gladiator (Knight Assassin) – Wielding a trident and shield, Gladiators have done a vital off of murdering for sport, and now move their ruthlessness and ability to war. Equipped with small armor, they can punch their opponents to emanate subdivision to set adult attacks and stuns. Their incomparable stamina scale and reduced cold down times make them intensely flexible and dangerous opponents.

Two new battlefields will be added, a Sentinel and Viking Village, that embody singular environmental hazards, and will force players to always compensate tighten courtesy to a surrounding scenery. In addition, For Honor’s Season 3 will deliver new singular mythological apparatus and will move a max repute of all heroes to 40, giving players larger personalization options.

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The third deteriorate will also deliver rival play on all platforms with a introduction of duel 1v1 tournaments. Competing in tournaments will concede players to get aloft ranks (which will be zeroed any season) as good as winning their disdainful rewards.

The rival knowledge will continue to be grown over a year with a introduction of ranked 4v4 modes. Simultaneously with a recover of a third deteriorate and serve balancing a diversion in credentials for rival experience, refurbish 1.1 will move about several changes to a gameplay. During a third season, other gameplay changes will be serve tested to improved change descent and defensive personification styles.

For those who wish to preview a essence of a third season, we suggest that we follow a For Honor Season 3 Live Event tournament: Grudge Glory Reveal on Twitch on Aug 12 during 11:00 (PST). The Live Event will also underline a appearance of a winners of a For Honor Hero Series qualifiers, who will plea to get their share of a sum esteem pool of $10,000.

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