Published On: Fri, Dec 20th, 2019

Flickr owners SmugMug emails subscribers with an obligatory request: assistance us find some-more profitable users

Dear Flickr Pros,

First, and above all else: appreciate you. Thank we for being a partial of a community. Thank we for caring about Flickr. Thank we for ancillary Flickr. Thank we for being a Flickr Pro.

Two years ago, Flickr was losing tens of millions of dollars a year. Our company, SmugMug, stepped in to rescue it from being close down and to save tens of billions of your changed photos from being erased.

Why? We’ve spent 17 years lovingly building a association into a thriving, family-owned and -operated business that cares deeply about photographers. SmugMug has always been a place for photographers to showcase their photography, and we’ve prolonged dignified how Flickr has been a village where they bond with any other. We couldn’t mount by and watch Flickr vanish.

So we took a vast risk, stepped in, and saved Flickr. Together, we combined a world’s largest photographer-focused community: a place where photographers can mount out and fit in.

And yet, Flickr—the world’s most-beloved, money-losing business—still needs your help.

We’ve been tough during work improving Flickr. We hired an excellent, vast staff of Support Heroes who now broach support with an normal patron compensation rating of above 90%. We got absolved of Yahoo’s login. We changed a height and each print to Amazon Web Services (AWS), a attention personality in cloud computing, and modernized a record along a way. As a result, pages are already 20% faster and photos bucket 30% some-more quickly. Platform outages, including Pandas, are approach down. Flickr continues to get faster and some-more stable, and critical new facilities are being built once again.

Our work is never done, though we’ve done extensive progress.

Flickr still needs your help. It’s still losing money. You, and hundreds of thousands of constant Flickr members stepped adult and assimilated Flickr Pro, for that we are evermore grateful. It’s losing a lot reduction income than it was. But it’s not nonetheless creation enough.

We need some-more Flickr Pro members if we wish to keep a Flickr dream alive, and we need your assistance to share a story of Flickr.

We didn’t buy Flickr since we suspicion it was a income cow. Unlike platforms like Facebook, we also didn’t buy it to invade your remoteness and sell your data. We bought it since we adore photographers, we adore photography, and we trust Flickr deserves not usually to live on though thrive. We consider a universe agrees; and we consider a Flickr village does, too. But we can't continue to work it during a detriment as we’ve been doing.

Flickr is a world’s largest photographer-focused community. It’s a world’s best approach to find good photography and bond with extraordinary photographers. Flickr hosts some of a world’s many iconic, many precious photos, openly accessible to a whole world. This village is home to some-more than 100 million accounts and tens of billions of photos. It serves billions of photos each singular day. It’s huge. It’s a precious value for a whole world. And it costs income to operate. Lots of money.

As we know, Flickr is a best value in print pity anywhere in a world. Flickr Pro members get ad-free browsing for themselves and their visitors, modernized stats, unlimited full-quality storage for all their photos, and reward facilities and entrance to a world’s largest photographer-focused community.

Please, assistance us widespread a word. Help us make Flickr thrive. Help us safeguard Flickr has a splendid future. Every Flickr Pro subscription goes directly to gripping Flickr alive and formulating good new practice for photographers like you. We are building lots of good things for a Flickr community, though we need your help. We can do this together.

We’re rising a end-of-year Pro subscription debate on Thursday, Dec 26, though we wish to give we a banking formula to share with friends, family, or anyone who shares your adore of photography and village so they can suffer a same 25% bonus before a debate starts.

We’ve left to good lengths to optimize Flickr for cost assets wherever possible, though a augmenting cost of handling this huge village and stability to deposit in a destiny will need a tiny cost boost early in a new year, so this is truly a really best time to assistance everybody ascent to a Pro membership.

If we value Flickr finally being independent, built for photographers and by photographers, we need your help.
With gratitude,

Don MacAskill

Co-Founder, CEO Chief Geek
SmugMug + Flickr

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