Published On: Tue, Apr 10th, 2018

Fleetsmith secures $7.7M investment to conduct Apple devices

Fleetsmith, a startup that wants to make it easier for companies to conduct their Apple devices, announced a $7.7 million Series A turn now led by Upfront Ventures.

Seed investors Index Ventures and Harrison Metal also participated in a round. The association has lifted a sum of $11 million. They also announced that Luke Kanies, owner and former CEO of Puppet has assimilated their advisory board.

Fleetsmith wants to assistance SMBs sustenance and conduct Apple inclination either that’s computers, phones, iPads or Apple TVs. Trying to sustenance these inclination manually is a time-consuming process, one that incomparable organizations no longer have to understanding with since of other blurb options or in-house solutions, though Fleetsmith puts that same kind of fit device government within strech of smaller organizations by charity it as a cloud service.

Two of a co-founders, Zack Blum and Jesse Endahl, who came from Dropbox and Fandom, were both in positions where they indispensable to buy and muster Apple inclination and couldn’t find a good approach for a tiny association to do that on a market.

“How do we conduct a swift of Macs and secure them by a internet? We looked around when we were in a build/buy position and saw a lot to be done. We are democratizing what companies like Google and Facebook have with their possess [home-grown] inner Mac government tools,” CEO Blum told Techcrunch.

Fleetsmith device admin console. Photo: Fleetsmith

The association takes advantage of a Device Enrollment Program, a business device government use offering by Apple to facilitate provisioning of Apple products. As prolonged as a IT director is enrolled in DEP, we can use Fleetsmith for 0 hold deployment, Blum explained. An worker can afterwards sequence a laptop (or any device), and when they bond to to WiFi, it connects to Fleetsmith, that configures a device automatically.

“The unequivocally cold thing about how DEP integrates into a underline set is that as shortly as a worker connects to WiFi, it take caring of deployment. The comment is created, program gets installed, a expostulate gets encrypted. It creates installing and enrolling new people unequivocally simple,” he said. Once you’re setup with all we need installed, a admin can force vicious updates, though a complement will give we several warnings before installing a update.

“Fleetsmith is automation practical perfectly, handing all of a basic work to a mechanism so a people do reduction firefighting and some-more vital work. This is generally critical in a mid-market since a teams are leaner and each mechanism counts,” new advisory house member Kanies pronounced in a statement.

The use costs is only $99 per year per device to entrance a cloud service. They offer a freemium chronicle to conduct adult to 10 inclination during no cost. The association launched in 2016 and now has 20 employees. Customers embody HackerOne, Robinhood and Nuna.

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