Published On: Thu, Dec 22nd, 2016

Fix Substrate After iOS 10 / iOS 10.1.1 Jailbreak – How to

Cydia Substrate is now damaged on iOS 10, iOS 10.1 and iOS 10.1.1 after Yalu jailbreak. But here’s how we can repair it.

You Can Fix Substrate After Yalu Jailbreak, But Make Sure You Are Aware of All The Risks Involved

The iOS 10 / iOS 10.1.1 jailbreak is finally here though it’s in beta form. It’s especially meant for developers and a lot of things are now broken. And due to a beta nature, a developer behind a jailbreak did not embody Substrate in this build for a lot of reasons. But if we wish to get it right now, afterwards follow a stairs summarized below.

Before we even repair Substrate, greatfully be good wakeful of a fact that tweaks and apps aren’t prepared for this jailbreak. There are chances a lot can go wrong in what we are about to do given we are not a developer. There even competence come a indicate where we are forced to revive your device, giving we no choice though to burst true to iOS 10.2. With that finished positively clear, follow a stairs given below.

Tutorial to Fix Substrate

First of all implement Substrate from Cydia afterwards follow a stairs below.

1. Launch Cydia from your home screen.

2. Add a following source:

3. Once a source is added, let Cydia modernise properly. Once it’s done, hunt for a following package: Substrate Fix (iOS 10)

4. Once downloaded and installed, open a package adult and your device will respring. Once we are booted adult again, all should be fine, and Substrate should be working. Don’t be astounded during all if it’s not. You are traffic with a beta after all.

Once again, while we might have clearly bound Substrate, greatfully do not try to implement any tweak or app from Cydia that creates use of a interface. You will, rarely likely, knowledge crashes and whatnot if we take one misstep. Every prevision we take from this impulse leading will safeguard things run as uniformly as possible. If we do conduct to rabble your device by installing a inadequate tweak, afterwards use SSH in sequence to mislay that specific tweak.

As a jailbreak moves towards stability, Saurik himself will expected pull out a bound Substrate build for everybody to utilize. Right now, a usually approach to knowledge Substrate in a excellent is by following a stairs summarized above.

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