Published On: Thu, Jun 25th, 2015

Fix Nexus 6 Battery, Heating and Performance Issues – Android Tips

Nexus users have mostly reported how their smartphone gets prohibited during times with opening lags function too. Not usually feverishness and opening lags though many users have also reported decreased battery life. If we are a unhappy Nexus 6 user, worry not as we have a elementary fortitude to all your woes.

fix Nexus 6 battery

Fix Nexus 6 battery issues:

If we possess q Nexus 6 and are over a initial ardour with that pleasing Quad HD screen, we are substantially now looking for ways to repair Nexus 6 battery and feverishness problems. The shade with a large 2560 x 1440 fortitude takes a clear lot of battery extract and processor energy to run. This not usually creates lags though readers have also reported serious heating issues. An easier repair to these issues is to reduce a fortitude on your Nexus device. Here is how.

Steps to repair Nexus 6 battery and feverishness issue:

Here are a few elementary stairs that we can follow to repair Nexus 6 battery woes:

  • Download and install ADB and USB drivers.
  • On your Nexus, go to Settings  Developer options  capacitate USB debugging. Note: If we don’t see Developer options, go to About phone  tap on build number few times.
  • Now bond your Nexus to PC regulating a USB cable.
  • On your mechanism start authority prompt: Type CMD in Search and press Enter.
  •  Now form these commands:
    • adb bombard wm distance 720×1280 – press Enter
    • adb bombard wm firmness 280 adb reboot – press Enter

These elementary commands will reduce your Nexus 6’s shade resolution. Of course, it won’t seem as pointy as before though would solve a irritating battery and feverishness issues. If we don’t conclude reduce resolution, we can simply go behind to a strange with these commands:

  • adb bombard wm distance 1440×2560
  • adb bombard wm firmness 560 adb reboot

These tips are sourced from Reddit, where readers have commented that a tip fixes a issues. The repair has been tested on Nexus 6 using Android M Developer Preview, according to a redditor. Let us know if we feel a well-spoken opening entrance behind to your Nexus 6 after this. Battery life would really be softened too after this discerning fix.

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