Published On: Mon, Jun 11th, 2018

Fitbit has shipped some-more than a million Versa smartwatches

No matter how we cut it, a Ionic was a severe start for Fitbit’s initial loyal dive into a universe of smartwatches. It was met with lukewarm reviews, and a association has given been sincerely vehement about a fact that sales total simply weren’t what it was hoping/expecting.

Announced in March, a Versa was a Fitbit’s second shot during a category, designed to interest to a some-more mainstream audience. From a demeanour of it, a association is faring a lot improved this time out. Fitbit announced currently that it has shipped some-more than one million inclination given a watch strike sell in mid-April.

Is that adequate to right a Fitbit boat entirely? Not really, though it’s positively a step in a right direction, generally given a arrange of accost Mary pass concerned here, with a squeeze of several companies, including Pebble, Coin and Vector. It also presents a spark of wish that someone outward of Apple can have some genuine success in a smartwatch category. 

Among other things, a hardware was a most improved fit for a incomparable swath of users than a massive Ionic — a block pattern clearly took a page directly out of Pebble’s playbook. Fitbit has also been investing a lot in assisting grow a watch’s local app store — a primary reason behind a Pebble purchase.

Also of note, a company’s women’s health tracker has been a success among early adopters, with some-more than 2.4 million users adding a underline to their app. That series includes 1.8 million users who have combined one or some-more durations to their calendar. It’s positively a pointer that a underline like this was in-demand — how many users indeed hang with a tracking after a month is another doubt entirely, however.

The news was met with a healthy batch bump, as well, representing some good news after what’s been a severe integrate of years for a association and wearable makers in general. 

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