Published On: Tue, Sep 19th, 2017

Fist of a Northstar Launches on Feb 22nd, 2018 in Japan

SEGA of Japan announced that Fist of a Northstar (Hokuto ga Gotoku in Japan) for PlayStation 4 will be expelled on Feb 22nd, 2018, in Japan. The new diversion dedicated to Ken a Warrior grown by a authors of Yakuza will be exclusively accessible on a height of Sony.

For a occasion, a publisher has expelled a new diversion trailer, that we can find during a bottom of a news. At a moment, SEGA has not reliable Fist of a Northstar’s attainment to a West, though in new weeks a association has launched a consult to exam a seductiveness of European and American players for a intensity localization of a game.

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Recently, SEGA has updated a central site with new design dedicated to some of a characters that will jump into a adventure. We also see Raoh, Rihaku, Taruga, and Lira, who will play elemental roles in a game.

Check out a sum below.

Raoh (voiced by Masami Iwasaki)

The Conqueror of Century’s End and “King of Fists,” he is a oldest of a 4 Hokuto siblings. He uses a Hokuto Shin Ken martial humanities character for his possess troops order and tries to move togetherness to a uneasy times by violence.

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Rihaku (voiced by Kazuhiro Yamaji)

One of a few doctors in city during Eden’s medical institution. Knowing most about Kenpo and a state of things outward Eden, he is a male of endless believe who doesn’t seem to be merely a doctor.

Taruga (voiced by Yuichi Nakamura)

No. 2 of a Kyouou Army, only next Kyouou himself. Contrary to his light voice, he has a vicious and evil personality. He uses a pistol, that is of value in this age and has mastered a taijutsu that a normal swordsman stands no possibility against.

Lira (voiced by Aya Hisakawa)

A seductive lady who runs a nightlife of Eden, from nightclubs to Colosseum conflict betting, and so on. She is strong-minded, intelligent, and has ease judgment. She is also really renouned among a women in a city. She also has a full certainty of Eden’s ruler, Kisana.

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