Published On: Thu, Apr 23rd, 2020

Fishtown Analytics raises $12.9M Series A for the open-source analytics engineering tool

Philadelphia-based Fishtown Analytics, a association behind a renouned open-source information engineering apparatus dbt, currently announced that it has lifted a $12.9 million Series A turn led by Andreessen Horowitz, with a firm’s ubiquitous partner Martin Casado fasten a company’s board.

“I wrote this blog post in early 2016, radically observant that analysts indispensable to work in a essentially opposite way,” Fishtown owner and CEO Tristan Handy told me, when we asked him about how a product came to be. “They indispensable to work in a approach that most some-more closely mirrored a approach a program engineers work and program engineers have been reckoning this shit out for years and information analysts are still like promulgation any other Microsoft Excel docs over email.”

The dbt open-source plan forms a basement of this. It allows anyone who can write SQL queries to renovate information and afterwards bucket it into their elite analytics tools. As such, it sits in-between information warehouses and a collection that bucket information into them on one end, and specialized analytics collection on a other.

As Casado remarkable when we talked to him about a investment, information warehouses have now done it affordable for businesses to store all of their information before it is transformed. So what was traditionally “extract, transform, load” (ETL) has now turn “extract, load, transform” (ELT). Andreessen Horowitz is already invested in Fivetran, that helps businesses pierce their information into their warehouses, so it creates clarity for a organisation to also tackle a other side of this business.

“Dbt is, as distant as we can tell, a heading village for mutation and it’s a association we’ve been tracking for during slightest a year,” Casado said. He also argued that information analysts — distinct information scientists — are not unequivocally catered to as a group.

Before this round, Fishtown hadn’t lifted a lot of money, even yet it has been around for a few years now, solely for a tiny SAFE turn from Amplify.

But Handy argued that a association indispensable this time to infer that it was on to something and build a community. That village now consists of some-more than 1,700 companies that use a dbt plan in some form and over 5,000 people in a dbt Slack community. Fishtown also now has over 250 dbt Cloud business and a association sealed adult a series of large craving clients progressing this year. With that, a association indispensable to lift income to enhance and also improved use a stream list of customers.

“We live in Philadelphia. The cost of vital is low here and nothing of us unequivocally caring to make a quadro-billion dollars, though we do wish to answer a doubt of how do we best offer a community,” Handy said. “And for a initial time, in a early partial of a year, we were like, holy shit, we can’t keep adult with all of a things that people need from us.”

The association skeleton to enhance a group from 25 to 50 employees in 2020 and with those, a group skeleton to urge and enhance a product, generally a IDE for information analysts, that Handy certified could use a bit some-more polish.

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