Published On: Sat, Aug 12th, 2017

First-Person Superhero Sim Megaton Rainfall Due for Release on Sep 26

Do we remember Megaton Rainfall? It’s a one-man plan by Alfonso del Cerro (whom we interviewed a while back) who set out to rise a singular game. Megaton Rainfall is a first-person superhero sim where we play as an indestructible superbeing means of drifting during supersonic speed.

Needless to say, we will be fighting off an visitor advance on Earth. The vital turn is that while your impression is indestructible, a cities aren’t and if you’re not clever we can repairs them as most as a aliens with your powers. Cities will have a health bar and if they are destroyed, it’s diversion over. Also, there will be online leaderboards formed on playtime and tellurian casualties (the fewer a better, of course).

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The scale is roughly rare for games. The whole Earth has been recreated procedurally, with cities adult to 200 block miles that you’ll be means to cranky during Mach 8 speed in small seconds.

Megaton Rainfall has been reliable progressing this week to be set for launch on Sep 26th for PlayStation 4 (with full PlayStation VR support: a whole diversion can be played in VR mode). On PS4 Pro, a diversion will be rendered during 4K fortitude around checkerboard digest and 60 frames per second.

The diversion is also entrance to PC around Steam during a after date, though Sony supposing additional support to a developer in sell for a proxy exclusivity agreement. Given a relations drought of superhero formed games, Megaton Rainfall positively seems value gripping an eye on.

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  • Unprecedented leisure of movement
    Accelerate from 0 to mach 10 in 5 seconds, fly around a real-size-Earth, get out of a atmosphere, a solar complement and even a Milky Way in reduction than 1 notation from any location.
  • Unprecedented scale of destruction
    You can destroy whole skyscrapers (unintentionally) when we skip your target… Just like a aliens, if we let them to do so.
  • Highly adaptive soundtrack
    Reacting to each bit of a action.
  • Innovative visible effects
    Featuring procedural genuine time exploding/slicing/collapsing of buildings, and an Universe-scale digest engine.
  • VR compatibility
    For even larger immersion.

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