Published On: Fri, Feb 3rd, 2017

Firefox OS Is Dead: Mozilla Lays Off a Entire Team Behind a Open Source Project

Announced over 4 years ago as “Boot to Gecko,” Firefox OS was partially formed on Android. The OS started as Mozilla’s try to take some share of a remunerative smartphone market. However, it appears that a browser is a usually place where a non-profit has had any marketplace success.

Mozilla is shutting down Firefox OS

Mozilla has laid off a group of about 50 people operative on Firefox OS. The team, that was tasked with bringing Mozilla’s handling complement to connected devices, along with the Ari Jaaksi, a comparison clamp boss in assign of a open-source OS, are departing. Reports advise that Bertrand Neveux, executive of a group’s software, is also leaving.

Firefox OS was an open-source handling complement powered wholly by web technologies. Everything was created in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. The dream was to emanate a giveaway height regulating web technologies to build applications, powering low-cost phones in rising markets. While a few products did boat with Firefox OS, it couldn’t make any poignant coming being overshadowed by Android.

Following this, a non-profit classification motionless to pierce a bid from a smartphone platform to an OS powering Internet of Things (smart, connected devices). Again, a few inclination did materialize, though it didn’t unequivocally work out for a company.

CNET has now reported that a classification is totally abandoning a segment. Firefox reliable a layoffs on Thursday:

“We have shifted a inner proceed to a internet-of-things event to step behind from a concentration on rising and scaling blurb products to one focused on investigate and modernized development, dissolving a connected inclination beginning and incorporating a internet-of-things explorations into an increasing concentration on rising technologies.”

The preference comes during a time when a lot of vital tech companies are focusing on rising markets. But, given a open seductiveness stays in Android, Firefox OS couldn’t work out. It’ll positively be a unhappy news for Mozilla supporters who support a association for perplexing to deliver open source products with a concentration on security.

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