Published On: Wed, Dec 4th, 2019

Finally, an central Craigslist app

Fancy websites and services come and go, though Craigslist endures. And now one of a categorical shortcomings is fixed: there’s an central app. Currently accessible for iOS and in beta for Android, a app provides a true-to-form Craigslist experience: useful, unfussy and anonymous.

There isn’t most to contend about a app over that it steadily replicates a website, down to a tone scheme. All categories of posts are accessible to crop or search; we can favorite things, save searches and change a approach formula look. Different categories have their impending settings, so when we demeanour for a automobile you’ll get odometer, indication year and so on a approach we do on a site.

No comment is compulsory during all to crop listings or hit sellers, and conveniently all their hit info pops adult easily, vouchsafing we email, content or call as desired.

Obviously a web app is still ideally serviceable, and some might even cite it. But it’s good to have a local app, if usually to deter a fabrication Craigslist apps that piggyback on a recognition of a strange no-frills listings.

The app was expelled yesterday and is already climbing a charts. Grab it currently and start looking for giveaway furniture!

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