Published On: Tue, Jan 31st, 2017

Final Fantasy XV Episode Gladiolus DLC To Release In Late March; Episode Prompto Coming In June

Final Fantasy XV, a latest entrance in a array grown by Square Enix, has been expelled a few months behind on consoles in all regions, though Hajime Tabata and his group are frequency finished with a game, removing a initial vital DLC packs prepared for release. Today, a Final Fantasy XV executive announced when a initial additional story container will be expelled in all regions.

Today, it’s been reliable that Final Fantasy XV Episode Gladiolus will recover in all regions on Mar 28th. It’s also been reliable that a second Episode DLC, Episode Prompto, will recover someday this June. All episodes will also embody new explorable areas and weapons that can be carried over into a categorical game.

There’s still a lot we don’t know about Episode Gladiolus, though we have managed to learn some engaging sum final month. According to some Final Fantasy XV promotional material, Episode Gladiolus will underline a lapse of Gilgamesh.

According to a possess Chris, Final Fantasy XV is a loyal lapse to form for a series. While a categorical story is only passable, a 4 categorical characters and a universe they live make a diversion a some-more than estimable play for any prolonged time fan of a series.

Final Fantasy XV is a loyal lapse to form for a series. The categorical story of a diversion is endurable though surpassed by a illusory story of Noctis and his 3 friends, Gladiolus, Prompto, and Ignis. The universe they live in, a interconnectivity and only how alive it feels creates for a good game, warts and all.

Final Fantasy XV is now accessible in all regions for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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