Published On: Mon, Sep 4th, 2017

Final Fantasy XV Director Confirms Next Project To Begin in 2018

Final Fantasy XV debuted in Nov final year and given afterwards a growth group led by Hajime Tabata has not stopped operative on this RPG title. The creator positive that Square Enix would recover a good volume of calm for a game, for that we have already seen several DLC, like Episode Prompto and Episode Gladiolus.

Hajime Tabata still has a lot of work ahead, generally for a attainment of a diversion to PC; however, he already has skeleton to continue his career in another project. During a assembly with a IGN media, a executive pronounced that he is already meditative about a subsequent diversion that a group will rise in assign of Final Fantasy XV.

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According to Tabata, it will be after this year when they will start operative on their subsequent plan in an critical way: “Obviously we’re doing a lot of opposite things within a XV growth group during a moment. But each singular thing that we’re doing afterwards unequivocally is something that we have to do to get a knowledge to pierce on to do a subsequent project. So we consider we will clearly be relocating in that instruction during a commencement of subsequent year,” Tabata said.

Also during a interview, a executive commented that they have opposite skeleton with Final Fantasy XV, all of them with “different directions”. To a vast extent, a developer refers to a attainment of a mobile diversion of Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition, as good as a plan they have for Nintendo Switch.

Of course, it is too early to know any sum about a subsequent diversion of Tabata. It is value remembering that a executive rejected a thought of a supplement to Final Fantasy XV, so it is substantially another installment of a array or a new IP. We will have to wait for some-more sum about Tabata’s plans.

Final Fantasy XV is now accessible on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Final Fantasy 15 Windows Edition will strike PC in early 2018. Here we can see how this latest chronicle of a pretension looks like in 4K and 60 fps.

Tabata also pronounced he would like to serve enhance a account star of a diversion with a concentration on characters like Lunafreya or Ardyn Izunia.

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