Published On: Wed, Jul 5th, 2017

Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age New Comparison Video Highlights Huge Differences

In reduction than a week, fans of a Final Fantasy array will be means to suffer Final Fantasy XII on PlayStation 4 with Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age. If you’re still on a blockade per this remaster, we might wish to check out a new comparison video that highlights a differences with a strange PlayStation 2 release.

The new Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age comparison video, put together by Candyland, shows a accumulation of sequences taken from a initial few hours of a game, display how most softened a diversion looks on PlayStation 4.

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The enhancements enclosed in Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age have been minute final month by Square Enix writer Hiroaki Kato, who also reliable that a diversion will come with PlayStation 4 Pro support.

When formulating a HD chronicle of a visuals, we were clever to safety a singular graphical hardness of Akihiko Yoshida’s impression illustrations while enhancing a elocution with complicated technology.

And so, not usually did we boost a fortitude of a impression models, though we have also strived to urge a textures such as a skin, hair, cloth, leather, metal, and any other material.

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We have also softened a elocution of light and shade by implementing complicated lighting technology. The universe inside a diversion can now be enjoyed with a larger clarity of atmosphere and abyss as we have extended a healthy fuzz (depth of field) and soothing lighting (ambient occlusion).

Oh yes, a fortitude increases even some-more if we play this pretension on a 4K concordant TV with a PS4 Pro, so greatfully try it out if we have a sourroundings to do so.

Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age launches exclusively on PlayStation 4 on Jul 11th.

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