Published On: Fri, Apr 21st, 2017

FFXV Director Tabata and Team Have Visited Microsoft’s Forza Developer Turn 10 Studios

Final Fantasy XV diversion director, Hajime Tabata, and his group have visited Microsoft’s Forza studio Turn 10 Studios.

Creative executive on a Forza Motorsport series, Bill Giese, common a news on his Twitter comment recently.

“Final Fantasy XV executive Hajime Tabata and his group stopped by Turn-10. A good revisit with an implausible team”, he tweeted.

The reason for Tabata’s revisit to a Redmond-based studio is unknown, though fans have been suggesting that outing competence be associated to Microsoft’s arriving Project Scorpio. As lonesome final week, Turn 10 has been heavily concerned with a console’s development, and Tabata and his group competence really good have paid a studio a revisit to see a Scorpio hardware in movement or to get some questions answered for a probable Scorpio Final Fantasy XV patch. Back in Feb of this year, Tabata already common that his group is deliberation how to support Microsoft’s arriving extended Xbox console.

Another probability is that Tabata is looking for recommendation on a arriving FFXV refurbish that will supplement Regalia off-road pushing to a game.

All of a above stays conjecture during this point, though a Japanese developer visiting a Microsoft first-party studio is engaging for sure.

As always, we will keep we updated in box we learn some-more on this matter.

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