Published On: Sat, Jan 28th, 2017

Feds Raid Breach Notification Site – Should Hackers Be Worried?

LeakedSource gained recognition final year for providing entrance to some of a biggest information breaches of the internet history. The site helped mangle a news of large information breaches, including Twitter, Weebly, AdultFriendFinder, and several other sites. But, it looks like a crack presentation site has been raided by law enforcement.

LeakedSource is substantially dead… forever

When sites get breached LeakedSource aggregates that data, permitting anyone to endorse and afterwards check if they have been a plant of that crack – most like HaveIBeenPwned. However, while HIBP doesn’t store passwords, LeakedSource offers all a hacked information. The site has drawn critique as critics warned that this kind of use that offers assistance to victims also provides hackers easier entrance to a data, who can afterwards use these certification for serve attacks.

The site offers anyone entrance to their database for $2 a day, or $265 a year. While useful in some cases, it did yield easier entrance to rapist hazard groups.

But, it looks like a days of LeakedSource are now over. The site is now display a following message: “The server is temporarily incompetent to use your ask due to upkeep downtime or ability problems. Please try again later.”

However, folks during ZDNet reported that a note (now taken down) posted on a practical markets forum told a opposite story. It reads:

Yeah we listened it here first. Sorry for all we kids who don’t have all your possess Databases. Leakedsource is down perpetually and won’t be entrance back. Owner raided early this morning. Wasn’t arrested, though all SSD’s got taken, and Leakedsource servers got subpoena’d and placed underneath sovereign investigation. If somehow he recovers from this and launches LS again, afterwards I’ll be wrong. But we am not wrong. Also, this is not a goblin thread.

While it’s been over a day given a initial news of LeakedSource raid seemed online, there is still no acknowledgment or any some-more sum on a matter. It appears that an vague law coercion group raided a site and confiscated a disks. However, it’s still not 100 percent transparent what accurately happened to LeakedSource. Since no one knows a people behind a website, a reports of a military raid can’t be reliable either.

There is now a probability that a law coercion group could use LeakedSource’s subscription information to presumably lane down rapist hacking groups. “All a people who used PayPal, credit card, etc. to buy membership, a FBI now have your email, remuneration sum and lookup history,” one user wrote.

Whatever might have happened to LeakedSource – and could occur to a subscribers – some-more sites like LeakedSource will now turn a new heart for hackers and others. However, a closure will hopefully incite a much-needed contention around a ethics of crack disclosures and policies that could make a operators of identical websites not to divulge user passwords.

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