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Feature: WayForward On Vitamin Connection’s Switch Exclusivity, Challenges And Influences


In a 3 years given a console launched, a Nintendo Switch has resolutely determined itself as a aristocrat of a mountain when it comes to inner multiplayer gaming. There’s positively no necessity of good associated games on Switch, and a ability to slip off Joy-Con anywhere during any time creates it ideal for enjoying with friends and family. The latest commune diversion to arrive on a complement is Vitamin Connection from WayForward, a studio substantially many famous for a glorious Shantae array of platformers, nonetheless their behind catalog contains a trove of retro-inspired gems from Mighty Switch Force to The Mummy Demastered.

We hold adult with Vitamin Connection’s executive James Montagna to discuss about a Switch exclusive, his purpose on a devise and how he maintains his appetite and unrestrained for games and diversion development.

Nintendo Life: For anyone who competence have missed a proclamation final year, or a initial trailer in January, tell us a tiny about Vitamin Connection and what form of diversion it is.

James Montagna: Sure! Vitamin Connection is a Nintendo Switch disdainful diversion in that players take on a purpose of characters Vita-Boy Mina-Girl, presumably personification solo or with a friend, to copilot a vitamin plug boat and embark on a tour to quarrel germ monsters and heal a world! The story follows a Sable family, and any member of a family has an instance where they presumably swallow a vitamin, or correlate with it in some suggestive proceed that sets a march for a story. The diversion itself creates a lot of specific use of a Nintendo Switch Joy-Con, and when personification with dual players, any actor has their possess purpose in both steering a boat and firing. This asymmetrical knowledge means players will have to unequivocally concur with any other good to succeed! In fact, a asymmetry is reflected right down to a fact that any actor even binds a Joy-Con controller opposite from any one another.

we all venerate Nintendo Switch during WayForward and we wanted to make a venerate minute diversion for it

Were there any specific influences we had in mind while building a game? How prolonged has it been in development?

The instruction we gave to a group was to demeanour closely during games like Jet Set Radio, and a Katamari series. At initial glance, it competence seem that these games don’t have a whole lot in common with Vitamin Connection, nor any other. But both share a unequivocally graphic core judgment in their gameplay, a clever temperament in their visuals, and importantly, an importance on a soundtrack that stands alone as implausible song customarily for listening to. So really, a thought was to emanate a diversion like one of those, yet for a new generation.

As for a timeframe… We started growth in 2017, yet it took a bit longer than other projects to get off a belligerent given there was a duration where Vitamin Connection wasn’t saved yet, so we was operative on other projects. That’s because there’s a opening of roughly a year from a initial antecedent to full production.

Vibrio Attack

Has operative on this diversion been many opposite from operative on Shantae or other WayForward projects?

Quite a bit! With Vitamin Connection, we were formulating a new WayForward skill from scratch, so there was no existent guideline to demeanour at… not customarily for what a gameplay should be, yet for a universe and characters of a diversion as well. There was an event there for a group to demonstrate as many creativity as we could presumably chuck during it in substantiating what we wish can go on to be something larger than customarily this one diversion alone. Another indicate is, we had a comparatively tiny and firmly weave group for this game, which, of course, has good and bad points. In a case, one good advantage is it supposing a lot of flexibility. A lot of a best facilities were customarily myself and a likewise ardent lead programmer chatting behind and onward like “it would be cold if it worked like this…”

Can we give us an thought of what a ‘average’ day of a Game Director entails? What are a pros and cons of carrying that purpose over a pristine pattern purpose on a project?

On a devise like Vitamin Connection, I’ll even get unequivocally hands on and adjust some things myself, including formulating artwork, sound effects, and tweaking spin design.

At WayForward, it’s standard for a lead engineer to also be a game’s director. In fact, a pretension on my business label reads Designer/Director, and I’m constantly doing both roles. Therefore, reckoning out a pros and cons is a bit tough given it all blends for me.

My day customarily starts once I’ve got my email out of a way, where I’ll prioritize a list of what needs to be finished that day and residence things accordingly. One of my primary tasks is essay adult calm for a Game Design Document (GDD), that serves as a plans of sorts over a march of development.

Next, I’ll check in with a staff who are building a diversion formed on a GDD, and yield specific feedback to beam things some-more in line with a vision, or correct a pattern where required if things aren’t operative out a proceed they were planned. From there, when those tasks are covered, I’ll get my possess hands-on time with a game.

Finally, I’ll make records and yield feedback on things like a gameplay interactions for programming, spin pattern notes, etc. we also allot out tasks formed on what needs to get done, essay out emails to illustrators, musicians, and more, explaining charge details. On a devise like Vitamin Connection, I’ll even get unequivocally hands on and adjust some things myself, including formulating artwork, sound effects, and tweaking spin design. This time around, we even set aside some time to harmonise a bit of music, that was done to sound overwhelming by a collaborators, a Mint Potion song team.

The initial trailer gave us a glance of some mini games – can we tell us a bit about them? Are they tied into a categorical diversion or totally separate?

These are what we impute to as Sub-Games. You can consider of these as tiny trainer battles of sorts. Their primary purpose is to mangle adult a moments of core gameplay with stirring bursts of a totally singular play style, infrequently finish with a new proceed to control a ship. In a altogether narrative, any time we strech a “vital location” inside of a physique of a host, a Sub-Game is played to heal it. Sub-Games will be unbarred gradually for giveaway play as we swell by a categorical story mode. As we clear them, any gets treated as a possess self-contained tiny game, finish with a possess pretension screen. We get additional mileage out of some of them by remixing a essence to make spin-off Sub-Games as well.

I consider my favorite Sub-Game competence be “Dance Festival.” It’s a stroke diversion with a accumulation of songs, any with a singular dance step routine. The Capsule Ship is placed among other ships. Dance stairs are afterwards supposing for a ship, that we and your partner contingency follow closely on a kick when a song starts. When played customarily right, a outcome is like a synchronized swimming opening with a other ships, twirling and gliding in unison, ideally choreographed. If we make a mistake and strike into a other ships you’ll take repairs and chuck all off… So be careful!

we use a HD Rumble underline heavily, suit controls, and even a seldom-invoked IR Motion Camera

Many of your new games have been multiplatform titles – besides a apparent good fit, what was a meditative behind creation Vitamin Connection a Switch exclusive? Does it underline any singular gameplay that couldn’t be replicated on other platforms?

This competence be a doubt we get asked a many about this game, and we don’t ever have a good answer for a meditative behind it besides a fact that we all venerate Nintendo Switch during WayForward and we wanted to make a venerate minute diversion for it. Along with a singular use of a Joy-Con hold in sundry orientations for a Together Play mode, we use a HD Rumble underline heavily, suit controls, and even a seldom-invoked IR Motion Camera. It’s probable a knowledge could be arrange of replicated elsewhere with some changes to be honest, yet when we get hands on it, it’s unequivocally easy to tell because it’s such a ideal fit for Switch.

You’ve been during WayForward for a good while now (14 years, we believe?) and have a sizeable collection of your possess exclusively grown games in further to your work during a studio. With work/life change being a prohibited subject in diversion dev for years now, how do we find a time and keep adult your unrestrained for eccentric projects while operative full time on games during your day job?

I consider it’s customarily relentless passion on my part; maybe foolishly so depending on who we ask. But we customarily unequivocally venerate formulating things and interesting people. So, we go to work and make WayForward games like Shantae and Vitamin Connection, and afterwards we go home and work tough on my eccentric projects. It’s been this proceed given we started, and we still venerate doing it. I’d be fibbing if we pronounced operative this proceed doesn’t take a fee sometimes, yet when we consider I’ve left overboard, we try to do things to contend a healthy change again, like creation time for family and friends. However, right now I’m doing fine, and I’m unequivocally utterly grateful that my work allows me to offer delight to so many people!

What would we contend was a biggest plea we came adult opposite during growth of Vitamin Connection?

For me personally, a plea was one of ideas contra feasibility. we consider there were a ton of concepts we wanted to work into a diversion that for one reason or another couldn’t be satisfied during a march of development. But, this isn’t unequivocally singular to Vitamin Connection. I’ve come to comprehend there’s always going to be things like that, no matter a project. When you’re creation something, not all goes according to plan. The customarily thing to do afterwards is welcome a unexpected, and spin your concentration onto creation a subsequent thing a best it can be.

Even yet it’s tough to set aside time for gaming in a name of entertainment, we feel it’s unequivocally important. Some of a sensibilities of works like Smash Bros. massage off on a designs we create, infrequently even subconsciously.

The Switch is a good fit for commune games and there are lots of glorious examples already accessible – what would we contend sets Vitamin Connection detached from a pack?

It’s loyal — there’s a lot of good mild games on Switch right now! we feel a knowledge that Vitamin Connection provides is a sincerely singular one in a proceed it asks players to coordinate. I’ve formerly referred to it as a “virtual three-legged race,” that is rather odd to games. To swell successfully, in many instances of a game, we and your partner will need to unequivocally promulgate and beam any other to drive a Capsule Ship. There’s other instances where you’ll both have to customarily concentration on fulfilling your singular purpose a best we can, with a best formula being a melding of your total skills. The finish product of a pattern proceed is this diversion that creates for a unequivocally good ice breaker, and mostly creates a bond between players in a proceed that is decidedly opposite from other mild diversion experiences.

Finally, are there any Switch games in sold that we and a group have been enjoying when you’re not tough during work on Vitamin Connection?

There are utterly a lot! We all have a blazing passion for games, so we do a best to play what we can set aside time for. If we had to collect one pretension that is loyal for a infancy of a team… We’re huge fans of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! There wasn’t many in a proceed of time to take breaks while work on Vitamin Connection picked up, yet we’ve spasmodic managed to fit in some exhilarated matches, and during one indicate an inner WayForward contest for a game. Even yet it’s tough to set aside time for gaming in a name of entertainment, we feel it’s unequivocally important. Some of a sensibilities of works like Smash Bros. massage off on a designs we create, infrequently even subconsciously. Hopefully we can put a hint of impulse into a universe with a possess qualification as well.

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