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Feature: Video Game Music That Didn't Need To Go That Hard | #1 Technology News Source by Kalen2utech
Published On: Mon, Jan 30th, 2023

Feature: Video Game Music That Didn’t Need To Go That Hard

Image: Nintendo Life

There is a lot of video diversion strain out there that goes hard. By “goes hard” we meant it slaps. By “it slaps” we meant it’s a bop. By “it’s a bop” we mea— forget it. These are marks that are unequivocally good.

In a immeasurable infancy of these instances, a marks compare a conditions flattering perfectly. A high-stakes impulse in a diversion competence be met by moving strings and an ever-rising pitch; movement set-pieces competence opt for a large coronet matter of a categorical thesis to emphasize your drastic movements; chilled-out hubs competence yield some lighter marks on a keys, bringing your kick down if it’s generally an heated diversion or vouchsafing we wholly relax into a universe à la Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

But this is not always a case. There are mostly times when diversion strain composers will write an extremely hard lane and afterwards it creates a approach into a diversion regardless of a conditions since a square is Just. That. Good.

The recover of GoldenEye 007 on a Nintendo Switch Online N64 Library has got us meditative about this accurate diversion strain materialisation (for apparent reasons that we’ll come behind to later). We started meditative of other tunes that are definite bangers but, when we consider about it, they play during astonishing times. They had no reason to go that hard, to be that good.

Below, we have fabricated some of a marks that now popped to mind when we started down this path. Of course, these are customarily a marks that slap rather surprisingly. If we were customarily articulate about a hardest video diversion marks of all time afterwards we would be here all day (there’s no indicate in putting Ocarina of Time’s Gerudo Valley on this list, for example, as that track’s softness ideally matches a placement).

Have a listen by a picks (presented here in no sold order) and afterwards take to a comments to let us know of any we missed. There will be many, and we’re fervent to hear them!

Wii Sports – Theme Music

Kazumi Totaka was told to make “music that chills” yet he listened “music that kills” and they ran with it. The purpose of a Wii Sports menu strain should be something to play in a credentials while we collect your diversion and disagree over a need for reserve straps, not one of the dance anthems of a mid-2000s.

You can’t have a lane with that shredding electric guitar, a piano melody, and a shriek accompaniment and design us not to get adult and dance. The Wii Sports games are great, yet a thesis strain does make it tough to indeed wish to press play.

Undertale – Megalovania

We’ll admit, trainer strain is ostensible to strike tough and trigger a quarrel or moody response in us, a player, yet Toby Fox’s Megalovania takes it to a whole new level. We are used to trainer themes creeping us out or emphasising a movements, yet they frequency get us this pumped.

What gives this array even reduction reason to go so tough is a fact that unequivocally few people are indeed going to hear it (it customarily plays right during a finish of a Genocide Run when we take on Sans in a final battle). Having a trainer lane slap this tough during a best of times would be observant something, yet putting it over a conflict that few are ever going to see? There’s no reason for that spin of hardness!

And yep, we know that we can snippet this strain right behind to Fox’s penetrate of EarthBound, yet a use in Undertale creates it all a some-more distinguished as an unnecessarily tough hit.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time – Lost Woods

Koji Kondo’s Zelda scores are packaged full of approved bangers, yet unequivocally few go as tough as a Lost Woods Theme. This is a travel by a puzzling and circuitous maze, it would make clarity for there to be a clarity of terror about a risk around each corner, right? Nope! Let’s have something certainly upbeat with a stroke territory so quick that it’s near-impossible to hear yet drumming your foot.

If we explain to have never whistled this lane afterwards we are possibly 1) lying, or 2) incompetent to whistle.

The Witcher 3 – Gwent

If we haven’t played The Witcher 3 afterwards we competence be unknown with a label game, Gwent. Honestly, even if we have played it afterwards Gwent competence be a small misty to you. As a brief recap, this is a honeyed small label diversion that we can play during inns and taverns as a fun minigame to a categorical story.

To be clear, Gwent is unequivocally not that critical to a game. So since is a strain so toe-tappingly good?? This is a label diversion that people play to chill out, yet a marks that play over a tip make it feel like you’re intent in some raging and everlasting dance. All of a strain marks that play over a minigame strike quite tough (and we can hear them all in a brew above), yet we have timestamped a one patrician ‘A Story You Won’t Believe’ to unequivocally give a feel for customarily how many these label tunes can slap.

Super Street Fighter II – Guile’s Theme

Yes, fighting games should be going tough on their strain roughly by default, we mean, how else are we going to get pumped for some punching? While many of these don’t go on this list for that accurate reason, Guile’s Theme from Super Street Fighter II is an difference quite down to how many of a bop it is.

The electric keys! The retro snare! This is a large all-American fighting male that we are articulate about here and there was no need for his strain to be that gosh-darn funky.

Sonic CD – Boss Theme (JP)

There are dual opposite versions of a Boss Theme from Sonic CD depending on either you’re personification a American or Japanese chronicle of a game. While a US lane is all about promulgation 7 shades of shivers right down a spine, a Japanese book is a slap to a face of reversion despondency giving an wholly opposite vibe to a Robotnik battle.

There could have been any strain over a quarrel and we would have been tensed adult to a max, yet it takes on a life of a possess when a movement is scored with such groove.

Splatoon 3 – Tableturf Battle

The strain in a Splatoon array runs during such an over-the-top spin that when we listened of Splatoon 3’s card-based minigame, Tableturf Battle, we should have famous that it was going to be some of a hardest label tunes out there. But even that spin of expectation couldn’t have prepared us for a finished product.

It creates clarity that Turfwar Battles should have their pop-inspired marks while we run about, sharpened ink everywhere, yet did they lay off for a game’s lower-key moments? You’ve gotta be squidding us! The Tableturf strain rocks and we never should have approaching anything less.

Mario Sonic during a Rio 2016 Olympic Games – Copacabana Beach

When we consider of top-notch strain in a Mario or Sonic franchises, a ‘at a Olympic Games’ array competence not immediately come to mind. But it should, since that things goes hard.

Copacabana Beach is a primary example. This is a game’s heart world! You’re not meditative about scoring a subsequent point, alighting a ideal pretence or using a best time, we are literally customarily wondering about, selecting your diversion mode. Instead of embracing this ‘background music’ location, a lane is full of Brazillian beats. Saving your appetite for a actual eventuality has never been harder.

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havok – Buzzkill

The Danganronpa array is intensely OTT during a best of times and a strain customarily follows suit. The lane ‘Buzzkill’ demonstrates it all. Yep, it fits a tinge of a sinister goings on, yet for a diversion that is effectively a high propagandize murder mystery, this unequivocally goes waaay harder than we would have expected.

Out of context, we could hear this being played during an practice class. In context, we couldn’t get a unfolding many serve away…

Resident Evil 4 – Wesker Theme (Mercenaries)

If we have customarily listed to a opening few seconds of this lane and were meditative to yourself “hmm, this doesn’t seem all that wild”, afterwards we haven’t listened for prolonged enough. Wesker’s thesis suits a gameplay down to a T, yet a approach that this lane gradually goes some-more and some-more off a rails creates it a standout in a game’s score.

Why are a choral vocals so intense? What is function with that dance lane underneath a mix? Who brought an electric guitar into a studio? Where can we find some-more of this??

Kirby and a Forgotten Land – Roar of Dedede

“Remember guys, it’s a kid-friendly journey about a pinkish blob and a large penguin, so a strain unequivocally doesn’t need to be too…”

Bring on a large stone number.

Did this lane need to go that hard? No way. Fortunately, there are too many sound effects played over it in-game that it softens a blow a little, yet customarily have a listen to that anthem in all of a peerless value now!

Donkey Kong Country – Aquatic Ambience

We’re going to finish with a Rare twin we onslaught to collect between. For strain to “go hard”, it doesn’t indispensably need to be all about brag and OTT melodies (though many of a entries on this list are). It is totally probable to still grasp this spin of value yet being all showy.

Take Aquatic Ambience from Donkey Kong Country as an example. Yes, it’s an underwater spin so it was always going to have a chilled-out soundscape, yet conductor David Wise didn’t need to strike us with the many relaxing balance of all time. You go to a spin to float about and collect some bananas, we leave carrying gifted pristine nirvana.

Goldeneye 007 – Pause Screen

This competence customarily be a aristocrat of diversion strain that had no right to go that hard. This is a postponement menu for good out loud! Legendary composer Grant Kirkhope could have sampled any aged James Bond balance and tweaked it for some low-key listening while we paused a game, yet oh no, he had to go and make a smoothest remix going.

The complicated drum line and rhythmic drum territory spin this cold classical into a approved slow-burn banger with copiousness of change from Eric Serra, a composer of a film’s score. Honestly, this could come on in a bar currently and we wouldn’t bat an eyelid.

Well there we have it, a preference of some of a marks that we consider go a hardest in video games. Paired with a discuss on a unequivocally best diversion strain overall, we reckon that we’re onto a flattering tasty playlist by now — and come on, who wouldn’t wish to travel around to that Goldeneye 007 beat??

Based on a picks, that strain lane do we consider goes a hardest? You can fill out a following check to give us your choice and afterwards be certain to conduct to a comments to let us know what we missed!

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