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Feature: The Konami Hyperboy Is A Dumb But Loveable Throwback To A Bygone Era

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The Nintendo Game Boy turns 30 this Sunday, and to applaud this extraordinary arise we’ll be using a array of associated facilities this week, right adult to a large day.

Whenever a new square of gaming hardware is successful, it naturally attracts a lot of courtesy – both in terms of games (because there’s a outrageous marketplace to sell to) and accessories (again, since there’s a outrageous marketplace to sell to). Nintendo, as a association that has expelled several renouned hardware platforms, has gifted this groundswell of support on some-more than one occasion; a NES was flooded with games and gear, as was a SNES, Wii and – some-more recently – a Switch.

However, few systems can opposition a strange Game Boy when it comes to crazy bolt-on pieces of cosmetic junk. Nintendo’s best-selling unstable had all demeanour of shade magnifiers, sound boosters, worm lights and protecting shells, not to discuss half-decent central accessories like a ground-breaking Game Boy Camera. However, there’s one marginal that I’ve always wanted to get my hands on; a device so epic in range that as a teen, we refused to trust it even existed until we saw one in a strength during a internal import store. This felt like a Game Boy appendage to order them all; a desk-based behemoth that could spin a common handheld into a unstable arcade system. I’m of march articulate about a Konami Hyperboy.

This grey pile of cosmetic claims to offer many advantages over personification a Game Boy in a normal handheld configuration. Firstly, a magnifying shade creates it easier to play games, and also provides a light source so it can be used in a darkened room. The speakers on a bottom of a territory are a large alleviation over a rather skinny sound we traditionally get from a console, while a joystick and big, accessible buttons guarantee an arcade-style knowledge – from a portable!

So how does it work? While it seems high-tech, a Hyperboy doesn’t indeed directly interface with a Game Boy on any turn outward of audio; a 3.5mm headphone jack is located inside a territory that channels a audio into a speakers (you usually get sound when a territory has batteries and is incited on) and a hang and buttons work by pulling pieces of cosmetic onto a Game Boy’s tangible controls; if we demeanour inside a territory though a console on place, we can see a cosmetic pads pierce around as we pull a hang and buttons. Above a hang is a switch that allows we to toggle between 4-way and 8-way input.

Illumination is granted by dual tiny bulbs that are located inside a magnifying apportionment of a screen; this territory can be private to exhibit that energy is granted by dual steel conducting plates; doing so also exposes a tiny orifice in that a gangling tuber is located. Handy! Turn a territory over, and you’ll find a battery cell that houses dual huge ‘D’ energy cells; these usually supply energy to a Hyperboy itself, and don’t yield any energy to a Game Boy console. Also on a bottom are dual tractable front ‘legs’ so we can get a angle we enterprise for your tabletop gaming sessions.

Despite a rather common inlet of a tech involved, a Hyperboy does a pursuit admirably. The controls primarily feel awkward, though we shortly get used to them – and in some cases, carrying a hang indeed improves certain games, such as shooters like R-Type and Gradius / Nemesis. The switch between 4-way and 8-way directional submit seems a small purposeless to start with, though it’s indeed utterly accessible to be means to dial down a directions when personification games like Tetris, that don’t rest on erratic input.

There are shortcomings, of course. The bulbs that light a shade also uncover adult any and each imperfection; all of a scratches your dear console has gained over a past 30 years are highlighted for all to see, and any specks of dirt that have gotten inside a appurtenance are also painfully visible. As we can see from a photos on this page, we’ve shoved a backlit-modded Game Boy into a Hyperboy, thereby stealing a need for a bulbs, though a obstacle with this proceed is that we don’t get any sound unless a territory is switched on, that means we also have to put adult with glisten of those bulbs (unless, of course, we mislay them entirely, that is a chief option).

It’s also value observant that a Hyperboy isn’t concordant with any other Game Boy indication outward of a reliable DMG-01. If we possess a Game Boy Pocket, Light or Color, afterwards you’re out of fitness – it won’t fit inside a Hyperboy. On a and side, a territory is a ideal fit, charity entrance to a volume and contrariety dials as good as a couple wire pier and cartridge slot. When a console is in place, we don’t have to mislay it unless we wish unstable play or we need to change a console’s AA batteries.

The Hyperboy lives adult to a promise, then, though when we unequivocally lay down and consider about it, it’s a flattering reticent device. The pivotal offered indicate of a Game Boy is a portability, and cramming it inside this territory removes that; sure, it’s cold to get that tabletop arcade feel, though we wouldn’t contend a scapegoat is unequivocally value it. Having pronounced that, judging a Hyperboy in 2019 is maybe unfair; behind in a early ’90s, a Game Boy competence have been your usually entrance to video games, so a ability to get a new ‘big screen’ viewpoint on your favourite titles – finish with shade enlightenment and bitchin’ stereo sound – would have been a genuine bonus. Heck, if we unequivocally consider about it, a Hyperboy is a kind of uncanny predecessor to a Switch concept, where we have a unstable console that can be remade into something some-more savoury for use indoors. Kinda.

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Despite a monument – it was never expelled outward of Japan – a Hyperboy isn’t formidable to collect adult these days and won’t cost we an arm and a leg. Should we buy one? Unless you’ve got emptied desires that widen behind to your childhood years, afterwards it’s substantially not value a effort; you’d be improved off investing in a backlight alteration to move your console crash adult to date. Still, like so many of a uncanny and smashing accessories grown for Nintendo’s handheld, a Hyperboy stays an engaging vestige of a long-past duration in gaming – and it looks really cold as a table ornament.

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