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Feature: Samurai Shodown Director "Cried Out In Surprise" When He Saw The Switch Version

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Switch fans have had to wait a small longer than their PS4 and Xbox One-owning pals when it comes to SNK’s Samurai Shodown reboot, though a critical thing is that a diversion has done it to Nintendo’s hybrid console total – and it’s unequivocally utterly an achievement.

We were advantageous adequate to get a possibility to pronounce with a game’s executive Nobuyuki Kuroki before to a release. Kuroki began his career with SNK as an artist operative on a Fatal Fury series, and would also minister to games such as Real Bout Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting 3, Samurai Shodown 64 and a mythological Garou: Mark of a Wolves.

When SNK went bankrupt, Kuroki would group adult with associate SNK alumni Takashi Nishiyama during Dimps, where he worked on several Sonic titles, including Sonic Rush and Sonic Unleashed. He returned to SNK in 2014 and worked on SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy and The King of Fighters XIV before presumption a purpose of Game Director on a Samurai Shodown reboot.

Nintendo Life: Before we pronounce some-more privately about a Switch chronicle of Samurai Shodown, are we gratified with how a diversion has been perceived on other platforms?

For certain we are unequivocally pleased. As a singular game, we’ve listened a lot of opinions from a fans, and it seems that they are utterly confident with it.

Kuroki-san, your story with a array goes all a approach behind to Samurai Shodown 64. How profitable has that knowledge been when it comes to formulating a new entry?

Nobuyuki Kuroki
Nobuyuki Kuroki

The Samurai Shodown group during that time all loving a characters. They prepared tons of minute profiles and illustrations for any one. Above all, their passion and adore towards this diversion were astonishing. As a immature and new man behind in a day, we was tender by how extraordinary they were. 20 years have passed, and I’m still astounded by a fact that we myself am operative on this title. The stories and practice we learnt from a group unequivocally helped us when formulating this new Samurai Shodown. In particular, a knowledge of colour pattern that is customarily not listened of in other diversion designs was useful in a development.

What was it like stepping into a purpose of diversion executive for this entry?

As we mentioned above, we have been operative with a staff who initial done Samurai Shodown. Can this diversion grown in 2019 transcend a aged one combined by a staff during that time? Can we rise something that will prove those fans who have been personification this diversion for over 20 years? These questions unequivocally put vigour on me. But there is no answer during a development, and we won’t know if any preference is wrong. Therefore, when we found out that a fans are confident after a release, and when we were praised by those who initial done a title, we were positively elated. we felt a good clarity of service when a work had been accepted.

You’ve used Unreal Engine to emanate Samurai Shodown. What advantages do we get from regulating a middleware engine as against to formulating your possess in-house engine and tools?

In particular, it helps us a lot when conceptualizing a graphics. We couldn’t make a illustrations we wanted when building KOF14, though with Unreal Engine, we can now strech a goal. Of course, it was not easy. Unreal Engine is good during picturesque expressions, while Samurai Shodown is some-more like manga, so it was tough for a group to make it reduction realistic. For programmers, it seems difficult, though for a artists, a engine is easy to use.

How severe was it to pier a diversion to Switch? What concessions have been made?

The many severe indicate was building a Switch chronicle to run during 60FPS and to make a graphics not defective to other platforms. we consider diversion developers will know how formidable it is to boost a support rate though changing a character of a graphics. Our thought is to optimize a graphics for a Switch though being beheld by a fans. If fans can't tell a difference, that means Safari Games who worked on a porting routine did a good job.

Your colleague, Yasuyuki Oda, has formerly mentioned that he is open to a thought of ‘guest’ fighters appearing in a game. Are there any skeleton for this?

Sorry that we can't divulge anything nonetheless during this moment.

Sticking with that topic, Terry Bogard has recently done his Super Smash Bros. debut. Could we see any characters from Samurai Shodown seem in that game, too?

Sakurai-san would be a best chairman to ask.

What instruction will a Samurai Shodown array take now? Will we see a full-blown sequel, or is a devise to maybe concentration on reviving other SNK properties, such as Art of Fighting, for example?

We can't divulge anything concerning a destiny skeleton for Samurai Shodown during this moment. What we can contend is that a growth group is operative on King of Fighters 15 as good as DLC characters for Samurai Shodown. Please demeanour brazen to a arriving 2nd deteriorate of Samurai Shodown and KOF15. Personally, we wish that we can revitalise Garou: Mark of a Wolves.

Finally, do we have a summary for Switch-owning SNK fans out there who are looking brazen to personification Samurai Shodown?

When we saw how Samurai Shodown looked on a Switch, we couldn’t assistance though cry out in surprise. The extraordinary graphics relocating on a Switch’s shade unequivocally overwhelmed me. Players can now suffer a diversion on a smaller shade with a same fad as on other platforms. This is something we consider everybody will enjoy. We unequivocally wish players to knowledge that feeling of enthusiasm and tragedy usually Samurai Shodown can provide. Please collect it adult and give it a try!

We’d like to appreciate Kuroki-san for his time. Samurai Shodown launches on Switch on Feb 25th.

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