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Feature: Predicting Super Bowl LIII with Super Smash. Bros Ultimate

No adore mislaid between all-time good Tom Brady (Mario) and freak-of-science Aaron Donald (Mewtwo)
No adore mislaid between all-time good Tom Brady (Mario) and freak-of-science Aaron Donald (Mewtwo)

Super Bowl LIII is on us all! This Sunday, a New England Patriots block off opposite a LA Rams for NFL supremacy. (As a Seahawks fan, barf.) It’s anyone’s theory who will take it all, yet in a meantime, we can review a digital tea leaves with video diversion simulations. Ain’t a destiny grand?

While, yes, EA Sports’s Madden NFL authorization might be a required choice for pursuit a Super Bowl – presaging a 30-27 Rams win this year – it’s positively not a usually diversion in city means of doing so. Plus, Madden has skipped Nintendo platforms for several years now, withdrawal everybody heading a Nintendo life out from all of a predictive football fun.

With a engorgement of characters, modes, and assorted whizbangs, we consider we can get an equally accurate prophecy regulating Nintendo’s latest rival powerhouse, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. To infer it, we strike a lab to rise a predictive horizon for a singular biggest sporting eventuality of Feb 2019 – bettering a rules, rosters, and match-ups one can pattern to see this Sunday in Atlanta.

Read on to find out how we built it, a vast trends and plays to watch for this Sunday, and a prophecy of a genuine game’s final score.

Welcome to Super Smash Bros. Bowl I!

The Rosters

Since no NFL players are in Smash (yet), we matched 8 of a tip players from both teams with a many suitable Smash impression to conform with their ability set, characteristics, and physique. Here are your gladiators for a day.

Goff, we wily noodle
Goff, we wily noodle

LA Rams


  • Jared Goff as Luigi – These noodly group might not get a same approval as their peers yet can broach a products when it counts. The earthy similarity is uncanny, too: chuck a black beard and immature shawl on Goff and nobody would be a wiser.
  • Todd Gurley as Captain Falcon – Two powerhouses means to blast by any antithesis with a burning fury. You don’t wish to be on a other side when they’re heating up.
  • Brandin Cooks as Sonic – Gotta go fast! Cooks ran a 40-yard lurch in 4.33 seconds during a 2014 NFL Combine, proof himself as one of a speediest dudes on a field. Like Sonic, Cooks keeps chasing rings: he was on a 2017 Patriots patrol that fell to a Philadelphia Eagles.
  • Robert Woods as Pikachu – Electric playmakers that have shown conspicuous coherence and flexibility over their careers. Cover delicately or they’ll startle ya.


  • Aaron Donald as Mewtwo – Aaron Donald is a weird of inlet that was innate in a lab by people personification with a energy they do not understand. Mewtwo is that yet Pokemon.
  • Ndamukong Suh as Ganondorf – Dominant army with a story of sportsmanship issues. Suh is set to be a giveaway representative during a finish of a season, that is arrange of like Ganondorf removing hermetic into a Sacred Realm. Someone will eventually group adult with them again.
  • Aqib Talib as Simon Belmont – These dual share a adore of section invulnerability and steel accessories. Yank their bondage and hoo-boy are we in for trouble.
  • Marcus Peters as Fox – As a interrelated duo, Peters and Talib emanate vast headaches in a backfield for their opponents. Peters-as-Fox’s rapid strikes and missile defensive abilities let him go on a conflict while Talib-as-Belmont corrals a offense.
It's-a me, Brady-o!
“It’s-a me, Brady-o!”

New England Patriots


  • Tom Brady as Mario – One GOAT deserves another, and nobody has had as many success in their sold fields as these two.
  • Julian Edelman as Little Mac – Scrappy gym rats means of delivering knock-out punches on gullible opponents. If they don’t get we with speed, they’ll get we with cunning.
  • James White as Inkling – White and Inkling both have and are versatile weapons adult tighten or during a distance, gripping their opponents heedful and weary.
  • Rob Gronkowski as Incineroar – Two literal animation wrestlers.


  • Stephen Gilmore as Marth – Gilmore warranted dual distinctions this year: one being named a best cornerback of a deteriorate by stat gurus Pro Football Focus, and a other being named a first-team All-Pro cornerback. He’s many defensive royalty, usually like Marth.
  • Kyle Van Noy as King Dedede – Two vast dudes who share a affinity for robes (educated guess) and that keep anticipating themselves in a thick of a fight, entrance adult with vast plays when it counts.
  • Dont’a Hightower as K. Rool – One is a bandit king, and a other is a former captain out to vanquish his opposition. Which is which? You decide.
  • Devin McCourty as Villager – Villager is a outrageous pain in a boundary for opponents to strategize around. Throw something their approach and it’ll get yoinked it out of a air. Charge during them and they’ll glow a freakin’ rocket during you. Get in their face and that’s a bowling round abrasive any bone in your foot. McCourty’s arsenal isn’t filled with quite these same weapons, yet is equally pain-butt to intrigue around.
Nobody expects a WR to flog a margin goal, yet Edelman has a pretence adult his brief sleeve.
Nobody expects a WR to flog a margin goal, yet Edelman has a pretence adult his brief sleeve.

The Rules

  1. The full 4 buliding are unnatural opposite dual four-vs-four timed games of Smash (patch chronicle 1.2.1). Each timed diversion is 3 mins prolonged and represents one “half” of a genuine thing. The Patriots offense will face a Rams invulnerability in one game, and clamp versa for a other.
  2. Each group is represented by 4 of a tip players from their descent and defensive units. Each actor is a spin 9 CPU, with Spirits switched off.
  3. Big Battlefield is a locus of choice for being a clean, neutral landscape for eight-player rival play.
  4. A KO depends as a touchdown and successful PAT, so good for 7 points.
  5. A Fall takes a KO off a board.
  6. Teams contingency have a net-positive KO measure for those teeders to count. There is no chastisement for a net-negative KO measure other than deep, low shame.
  7. Special Flags will seem intermittently and paint successful field-goal kicks, awarding a group 3 points. Any side of a round can crack one by a uprights.
  8. The hostile group is awarded dual points in a eventuality of a self-destruct — that’s called a safety, baby!
  9. Aside from Special Flags, a usually other object authorised to seem is a soccer ball. It’s a football! What’s football yet footballs?
Don't disaster with James White
Don’t disaster with James White

The Prediction

The New England Patriots delight 33-9 over a LA Rams.


Keep an eye out for these trends to emerge and vast plays to reveal on Super Bowl Sunday:

  1. Trick plays! Burned by a “Philly Special” final year, demeanour for Patriots manager Bill Belichick and his football universe mind to pull adult a spectacle play that exploits a little-known or primitive NFL rule. In a simulation, one play pattern sent wide-receiver Edelman off to his possess side of a margin to foot a margin idea by his possess team’s uprights, overwhelming onlookers yet good for 3 points. Don’t be astounded if it turns out to be a authorised pierce — we listened it here first.
  2. Defensive dominance! Both teams are nearing with vigourous defensive units certain to give a hostile quarterback heartburn all night, be it by difficulty adult front or clever coverage of receivers. Expect Brady and Goff to feel a pressure, in many cases *checks notes* throwing fireballs during nobody in particular.
  3. Hilarious QB sacks! Watch for Suh jumping in with a Up-B out of nowhere to browbeat a frazzled Brady limping along during 169% damage, promulgation a New England good off to a vast lobster hurl in a sky.
  4. Heartbreaking turnovers! We’ve got good income on Suh scarcely using divided with a margin idea toward a finish of a half that’s afterwards blocked by Gronkowski, who recovers and kicks it by a uprights for three. Again, we listened it here first.
  5. Halftime uncover shenanigans! The designed opening by Maroon 5 and Travis Scott will make approach for a special opening by a Squid Sisters that is both electric and brave.
  6. Intense focus! Nobody will be meddlesome in a soccer ball.

Match-up breakdowns

New England's offense (red team) takes on a LA Rams invulnerability (yellow team)
New England’s offense (red team) takes on a LA Rams invulnerability (yellow team)

Patriots offense vs. Rams defense

The Rams burst into an early lead as Gronkowski and White tumble to Earth in a pleasing double-doink from Aaron Donald. Ultimately, a lead doesn’t reason for long, as a Rams onslaught to enclose New England’s flitting diversion via and destroy to gain on their possess advances.

On a Patriots side, Julian Edelman torches everybody yet Suh, racking adult 4 KOs and a margin idea opposite dual falls. Gronkowski dishes a many repairs of anyone on a margin — laying a grounds for Brady and Edelman to do their work yet eventually finishes with a pale measure piece of one KO and a margin idea himself opposite dual falls. Brady doesn’t have his many considerable diversion with low repairs dished throughout, yet does his pursuit by pulling in dual KOs opposite one fall. James White’s run diversion is stuffed, with no KOs and one tumble to his name, yet provides a strike to New England’s measure piece with a margin goal.

In your face, Gronk
In your face, Gronk

The Rams D manages to take White mostly out of a equation yet are dismantled elsewhere throughout. Their early lead is consumed by unwell to consistently money in on a vast amounts of repairs they inflict on their opponents. Suh’s margin idea fail is recovered by Gronkowski towards a finish of a half to erase any wish of a Rams putting themselves on a board, anticipating themselves with a net-negative KO measure and no margin goals during a close.

  • PATRIOTS: Net +1 KO (7 points); 3 margin goals (3 x 3 points) = 16 points
  • RAMS: Net -1 KO (0 points); 0 margin goals (0 x 3 points) = 0 points
LA's offense, led by Jared Goff (Luigi), takes on a vigourous New England defense
LA’s offense, led by Jared Goff (Luigi), takes on a vigourous New England defense

Rams offense vs. Patriots defense

Finding themselves in a rather vast hole after unwell to do many of anything to stop Brady and his boys, a Rams spin to Goff, Gurley, Cooks, and Woods to do what they’ve finished all season: get them points. Unfortunately for a Rams, things don’t utterly go as designed — their red section troubles continue to be a bugaboo for them on a biggest theatre of them all.

New England puts in a brutal opening on defense, totally winning adult front and ripping Goff’s heart out (figuratively) as they put adult net-two KOs and foot in a margin goal. Meanwhile, McCourty and Van Noy feast on LA, putting adult 3 KOs any opposite a sum 3 Falls between them. Hightower breaks even and scores no touchdowns yet does thwack in a margin idea to supplement three.

Pokemon Yee-owch
Pokemon Yee-owch

Gurley fixes whatever woes he’s had in a postseason this year for a beast 4 KOs and a margin idea opposite dual Falls. What should be a spacious 17 points pulled in by Gurley is dismantled by a Patriots suffocating a rest of a offense. Goff spends many of his time using for his life, pang one Fall any during a hands of McCourty, Van Noy, and Gilmore. He puts adult one KO and a margin idea to relieve a damage, yet those 3 Falls clean a lot of points off a board. Woods is done a finish non-factor — in fact, a drag on a group — as a electric receiver is kept off a house with dual Falls opposite 0 KOs. Cooks fares small better, with his one KO neutralized by McCourty knocking him off for a Fall. His margin idea stands, though, adding 3 to a floundering Rams’s total.

  • RAMS OFFENSE: Net 0 KO + 3 margin goals (3 x 3 points) = 9 points
  • PATRIOTS DEFENSE: Net 2 KOs (2 x 7 points) + 1 margin idea (3 points) = 17 points

FINAL: Patriots 33 – Rams 9

Football. Football?
Football. Football?

Science! What a pleasing thing. How tighten do we consider Smash Ultimate will get to presaging a genuine deal? Sound off in a comments below!

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