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Feature: Pokémon Sword And Shield: What UK Locations Are The Towns In Galar Based On?


All right, guv’nor? As we are roughly positively aware, a Galar segment in Pokémon Sword and Shield is formed on a United Kingdom. While a initial 4 regions we encountered in a games – Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh – were all formed on locations in Japan, Unova from Pokémon Black and White took impulse from New York, Kalos from Pokémon X and Y was formed on France, and Pokémon Sun and Moon‘s Alola was developer Game Freak’s take on Hawaii.

Residents of any of those places naturally get an extra flog from exploring their particular regions and saying small informed things along a way. We’ve positively enjoyed observant all a small nods and winks to British culture, architecture, cuisine and some-more as we’ve journeyed by Galar on a query to turn a unequivocally best.

But what towns and cities supposing a impulse behind a locations in Pokémon Sword and Shield? Well, many of a Galar region’s hardness seems to have been desirous by a outing to a Lake District taken by a game’s executive Shigeru Ohmori shortly before a launch of Pokémon Sun and Moon, though there are copiousness of other influences to be found, too.

We during Nintendo Life Towers had a discuss about a real-life places that a Galar segment towns remind us of and came adult with a following list of locations we consider Game Freak competence have drawn inspiration. Obviously, there’s a genuine mix of influences here and British readers will no doubt see glimpses of places we don’t discuss below, though here are a locales we were reminded of as we journeyed by Pokémon Sword and Shield…



Real-world inspiration: Hmm… Narnia?

Ah yes, soaring neon mushrooms! These world-famous British healthy wonde– hang on.

Kicking things off in alphabetical sequence we have Ballonlea, a dim small community located in a timberland of enormous trees and intense mushrooms. Frankly, it’s a many illusory city in a diversion and doesn’t share many during all with any real-life British locale. Its Gym Leader Opal is a Fairy-type specialist, and Ballonlea seems to compound some Lewis Carroll-style anticipation into a Galar region’s map.

So no, we don’t unequivocally have hulk neon fungus forests. Sorry!



Real-world inspiration: Bath, Somerset

An easy one, this. Bath is a sauna city in a South West of England. As we competence expect, it’s got healthy prohibited springs that a Romans took advantage of to build baths, hence a uninspired name.

Characterised by a H2O and poetic design (John Wood a Younger’s Royal Crescent being a famous example), it doesn’t get a layer Circhester receives though it’s a renouned stop-off for tourists venturing outward a Bog Smoke of London’s though going too distant into a sticks.

Culture, history, prohibited springs – we can’t go wrong with Bath. It’s a poetic place, usually marred by all a insufferably slow, preoccupied tourists holding selfies each 3 metres when we go for a stroll. At slightest selfie sticks fell out of fashion.

Glimwood Tangle

Glimwood Tangle

Real-world inspiration: A timberland (pick one – The Forest of Dean’s a winner)

Glimwood Tangle is a timberland we contingency go by on your approach to Ballonlea. It was this area where a 24-hour livestream took place before Pokémon Sword and Shield launched.

There are countless forests we could disagree that Glimwood Tangle draws impulse from – this list from Country File highlights some of a unequivocally glorious in Britain, including Grizedale in Cumbria (the Lake District area where Shigeru Ohmori visited), a Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire and Padley Gorge in Derbyshire. You’re doubtful to find hulk intense fungi in any woodland area, though given a right continue conditions and time of day, all of a above could mount in good for Glimwood Tangle.



Real-world inspiration: York / Edinburgh

Blending in a healthy dollop of Hyrule and Hogwarts, Hammerlocke’s battlements give a city a high-fantasy edge, though it done us consider of both a walled city of York located in a North East of England, and Edinburgh, a Scottish capital.

The ‘original’ York is massively renouned with tourists and locals comparison – it was voted a best place to live in Britain by a Sunday Times. Home to such informative gems as York Minster (a large ol’ Gothic cathedral), York Castle (a… castle) and a National Railway Museum (which boasts a Flying Scotsman, a Mallard and an operational reproduction of Stevenson’s Rocket), York is superfluous with a arrange of story and beauty that visitors suppose fills each dilemma of Britain. It also does a good pint.

York© Nintendo Life

Edinburgh, of course, needs small introduction. A chronological and informative hotspot that is home to all demeanour of humanities festivals and annual events, a Scottish collateral gets millions of visitors each year going for a festivals alone and indulging in distant too many whisky, haggis, neeps, tatties and tartan – a solitary diet of a Scottish in a same approach a English live off zero though fish, chips and cups of tea. Cholesterol doesn’t exist in Britain.

Both cities are awfully lovely. Of course, there are some flattering dingy corners to be found all around a UK (skip forward to Spikemuth for some-more information on those), though if it creates we happy to trust we all live in places as stately as Hammerlocke, lift right on.



Real-world inspiration: Hull / Grimsby / Dartmouth

Hulbury’s docks and marketplace could be a surrogate for any series of British seaport towns and cities. Hull and Grimsby open to mind, maybe with a dash of a lifelike Dartmouth for good measure, though there are copiousness some-more gulf towns and strand resorts it resembles.

As seen in Hulbury with a seafood restaurant, many of them have unapproachable traditions when it comes to nautical practices and a fishing attention and are therefore glorious places to get some authentic newspaper-wrapped fish ‘n’ chips. And we’re articulate proper fish and proper chips; not fries, not wedges or curlies – chunky, soft, salt-and-vinegar dripping chip emporium chips! Every English citizen is compulsory to devour during slightest a kilo of these per week, as mandated by Prime Minister, Hugh Grant.



Real-world inspiration: Manchester / Liverpool

Steam-powered and industrial, Motostoke blends a strong cities of Liverpool and Manchester. Both famous pier cities that grew distinguished during a Industrial Revolution, they’ll be best-known to general readers for their football (soccer) teams and as a hearth of many of a country’s best musicians and bands. Among many others, Manchester boasts The Smiths and Oasis while Liverpool gave us arguably a many famous Britons a universe has ever known: John, Paul, George and Ringo, improved famous as a Rolling Stones*.

*This is a joke. John, Paul, George and Ringo were, of course, a Beach Boys.

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