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Feature: Nintendo Console Codenames And Product Codes

Switch Lite - Closeup Nintendo LifeSwitch Lite - Closeup Nintendo LifeNintendo Life

If we occur to have any central Nintendo console or marginal to hand, spin it over and dark in a legalese and tiny imitation on a underside you’ll find a formula that typically starts with 3 letters. Flip over your Switch, for example, and you’ll find a formula HAC-001, with an additional (-01) if you’ve got a revised indication with a improved battery life.

These product codes have been partial of Nintendo’s hardware given a commencement and you’ll find them on each singular Nintendo-made, cartridge, disc, appendage and peripheral. Slide a left Joy-Con off your Switch and you’ll see a HAC-015 nomination on a behind (the right one is HAC-016); a Joy-Con hold that comes with a console is HAC-011; a Pro Controller HAC-013; Switch diversion carts are HAC-008; a Ring-Con HAC-022; a velcro Joy-Con hang thingy HAC-023

But over internally cataloguing each marginal underneath a console’s umbrella, do these designations have any meaning? Today we’re going to take a debate of all Nintendo’s console hardware product codes and demeanour during where they come from. Some of their origins are apparent (or obvious), while others are famous usually to a Nintendo engineers who named them.

We knew many of a codes next already, yet a ones we didn’t compulsory checking a behind of a possess consoles or streamer to a Maru-Chang webpage for a few of a some-more problematic ones.

We start with a reliable Nintendo Entertainment System, or Famicom in Japan…

Famicom (HVC) / NES (NES)

Famicom 3D System Nintendo LifeFamicom 3D System Nintendo LifeNintendo Life

In Nintendo’s homeland a Famicom and a accessories carried a nomination HVC, or ‘Home Video Computer’. The categorical console section is always ‘-001’ and a AC adaptor is typically ‘-002’, with controllers entrance after that. The Famicom’s controllers were connected to a bottom console, though, so they didn’t get a apart code. The RF switch did, yet (HVC-003), as did a Famicom 3D System graphic above, and a whole lot more.

In a West, a Nintendo Entertainment System got Nintendo’s many pure of product codes: NES. Notable peripherals enclosed a categorical control pad (NES-004), a Zapper (NES-005) and, of course, a Cleaning Kit (NES-030).

Game Boy (DMG) / Game Boy Pocket (MGB) / Game Boy Color (CGB)

Perhaps a many famous of Nintendo’s product codes, a strange Game Boy has come to be ordinarily famous as a DMG(-01) in sequence to compute it from a horde of hardware variants that followed. DMG stands for Dot Matrix Game and references a system’s display.

The Game Boy Pocket carried a product formula MGB-001, with ‘Mini Game Boy’ being a many expected reason given a trend of a rest of a Game Boy console family. The Game Boy Light (a Japan-only backlit chronicle of a hardware) was designated MGB-101 in gripping with several other console redesigns (such as a NES-101 / HVC-101).

The Game Boy Color got a CGB product code… since it was a Color Game Boy.

Super Famicom (SHVC) / Super NES (SNS/SNSP)

SHVC 001 Super Famicom Nintendo LifeSHVC 001 Super Famicom Nintendo LifeNintendo Life

In Japan a Super Famicom followed on logically from a prototype and was identified as a SHVC-001, or a ‘Super Home Video Computer’. Things altered for a North American recover where it became a SNS-001 (Super Nintendo System), and in Europe it was a SNSP-001 (the ‘P’ expected stands for ‘PAL’). Controllers were -005 and Game Paks (or cartridges to everybody solely Nintendo) were -006.

Virtual Boy (VUE)

VUE 006 Virtual Boy Nintendo LifeVUE 006 Virtual Boy Nintendo LifeNintendo Life

The Virtual Boy (VUE-001) offering utterly a outing if a product formula is to be believed; a ‘Virtual Utopia Experience’, apparently. Personally, we would have left for a some-more accurate ‘MIN-001’ – Migraine-Inducing Nightmare, nonetheless a Tamagotchi-style Pokémon Mini console used that product code. Feel giveaway to leave your possess suggestions in a comments, though.

Game Boy Advance (AGB) / Game Boy Advance SP (AGS) / Game Boy Micro (OXY)

Following fit with a MGB and a CGB, a Game Boy Advance was labelled a AGB-001, or ‘Advanced Game Boy’. Other poignant peripherals enclosed a good ol’ AGB-005 (the GBA couple cable) and a even-sexier AGB-015 (the Wireless Adaptor).

The updated clamshell Game Boy Advance SP got an wholly opposite code: AGS – Advanced Game Boy Special, perhaps? While we can make clarity of that product formula with an prepared guess, a origins of a Game Boy Micro’s OXY-001 formula isn’t as easy to divine. Perhaps it refers to a oxytocin expelled by a pituitary gland each time we gawk on that console’s diminutive magnificence? To a normal adult, a Micro is crippling to play for any length of time, yet my word is it a voluptuous small morsel.

Nintendo 64 (NUS)

The reliable NUS-005. We don't caring what we consider - we like it!The reliable NUS-005. We don't caring what we consider - we like it!Nintendo Life
The reliable NUS-005. We don’t caring what we consider – we like it!

The Nintendo 64 was creatively to be called a Ultra 64 (Ultra is improved than Super, natch), nonetheless Nintendo motionless opposite that comparatively late into a console’s development. It was codenamed Project Reality while Nintendo and Silicon Graphics, Inc were operative on it, yet a product formula on a final hardware reflected a console’s strange name: NUS (the Nintendo Ultra Sixty-four).

Other important peripherals (and a N64 had copiousness of ‘Paks’) embody a Rumble Pak (NUS-013), a Expansion Pak (NUS-007), a Transfer Pak (NUS-019) and that vital small tool, a Jumper Pak Ejector (NUS-012).

Where would we be but this small chap? Raiding a cutlery draw, that's where.Where would we be but this small chap? Raiding a cutlery draw, that's where.Nintendo Life
Where would we be but this small chap? Raiding a cutlery draw, that’s where.

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