Published On: Sat, Jun 6th, 2020

Feature: Designing Our Own Hedkayse Unique Cycling Helmet

Hedkayse x Nintendo LifeHedkayse x Nintendo Life

We’ll acknowledge it, this is a bit of a random one. First, let’s boot a parable – Nintendo Life Towers does not indeed exist. In fact, many of a group have always worked remotely, nonetheless we do indeed have a tiny (shoe box-sized) bureau in a common building during Loughborough University Science and Enterprise Park, that we consider sounds really fancy.

Shortly after we changed in to a building we attended a few of a Friday Coffee Morning pow-wows and got chatting to some of a other tenants, one of whom worked for Hedkayse, a UK organisation that produces and manufactures a world’s many indestructible cycle helmet.

Hedkayse | OneHedkayse | One

As penetrating cyclists ourselves, it’s been engaging following a swell of their business over a past few months. First their “indestructible” explain was put to a exam on Channel 5’s “The Gadget Show” with outrageous success. Then, a organisation seemed on a BBC’s “Dragons Den” uncover though eventually didn’t accept an offer of investment. Quite a luminary bureau neighbours, right?

Whilst these helmets are ridiculously indestructible, a plain colour designs weren’t unequivocally a style. We were chatting one day with George Fox, Hedkayse’s Managing Director, and he asked us: “hey, we guys are creative, what if we could settlement your possess helmet, and we’ll make it?” He went on to tell us about a new product they were formulation on launching, Hedkayse Unique, where we fundamentally settlement your possess settlement for a customary Hedkayse helmet.

Challenge accepted! Naturally we pondered what Nintendo-inspired designs we could consider of that competence work, and this is what we came adult with.

Design 1: Mario

We had to start with Mario and that distinguished poise from Super Mario Odyssey with Cappy. It’s super bright, fun and uses a transport stickers from a diversion to give a settlement of a transport item, such as a container or backpack. We love how this looks in person; a red unequivocally stands out.

Design 2: Splatoon

Next suspicion was a resisting colours of Splatoon 2, either it be a span of Joy-Con or a grips on a Pro Controller; we adore this pink/green combo and suspicion it would make an overwhelming basement for a separate helmet design. Those octoling eyes also make a ideal accent for a side of a design, don’t we think?

Design 3: Classic Mario

Finally, we had to go retro. Super Mario Bros. is iconic in whatever epoch you’re from. We threw this one together utterly quickly, so some of a blocks are mirrored or don’t quite line adult correctly, though we totally get a suspicion of carrying a “level” around a figure of a helmet.

Which would we wear?

We’re flattering certain Nintendo are doubtful to get into a cycling helmet market, so this is a closest we’d ever get to a genuine thing. We’re unequivocally happy with how they incited out, though what do we think?

Win Your Own Hedkayse Unique Helmet

Hedkayse were so tender with a designs, they wanted to offer a same event to we guys, a readers of Nintendo Life – and currently we’re rising a foe where we can settlement your possess helmet (whatever settlement we like) and we’ll collect a 5 favourites that will be done by Hedkayse and sent to winners.

Head on over to a foe page to find out some-more and contention your design.

We’d like to appreciate a guys during Hedkayse for creation a designs, if you’re meddlesome in their products check out their website and Instagram/Twitter profiles.

Disclaimer: To be clear, these designs are NOT accessible for squeeze and have been made by Hedkayse for promotional functions usually to denote a possibilities of their “Unique” product where a patron can yield their possess settlement to be printed on a helmet.

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