Published On: Sun, May 31st, 2020

Feature: 10 Years Later, We Return To Our Abandoned Animal Crossing: Wild World Village

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Was it Jack Reacher or someone else who pronounced “Never go back”? We forget, yet when it comes to video games, nostalgia trips can be a disappointment. Some gems reason adult beautifully, while others are irreparably tarnished by Mother Time and Father Progress and can’t magnitude adult to your appreciated memories. Old games, fondly remembered, competence also be tied adult with people and places from your past that a diversion alone can’t replicate. Some things are best left alone; gone, yet not forgotten.

Our final several weeks have been assigned personification Animal Crossing: New Horizons. We’ve been creation ourselves during home on Tom Nook’s getaway island, assembly new villagers and grinning from ear-to-ear when we see informed faces. We’ve had a good happening of reuniting with several villagers we used to know, and throwing adult with aged friends has been a vast partial of a experience.

Still, a memories of Animal Crossing: Wild World (the Nintendo DS entrance and this writer’s initial confront with Nintendo’s composed life sim series) are dark with nostalgia. Our time with a diversion behind in 2007-2008 was intense–an 18-month duration where we played a diversion every singular day–and it left behind an fast affection, yet a sum are misty now.

For several reasons, we haven’t dismissed adult a diversion in a time since, so in a seductiveness of ‘Science’ and anticipating out how a 15-year-old chronicle of Animal Crossing compares to a lovely, glossy New Horizons, we motionless to finally revisit a aged stomping ground. We wanted to modernise a unwell memory, locate adult with (very) aged friends and see how a aged place was holding adult after over a decade of neglect. Still, we couldn’t shake a feeling that going behind competence be a mistake.

Only one approach to find out.

Old friends

We powered adult a DSi–an ascent over a white DS Lite we creatively actor on–and listened that calming, desirable thesis once again before being presented with a bedroom:

The initial thing to residence was a elephant in a room, or some-more accurately, the ex in a room. The tip building of a residence has dual beds, one of that belongs to somebody we haven’t seen or oral to for a prolonged time now. In all honesty, that’s a categorical reason we never went behind before now.

Time tends to paper over cracks, though, and many things have happened in a inserted years. We can now bound over a mental separator that had formerly blocked a oddity to revisit a game. It’s sobering, it’s a small melancholy, yet it’s fine.

Into a weeds

As a encampment loads, we prepared ourselves for a worst. Remember in Ocarina when Link stairs out of a Temple of Time to find Hyrule Market Town in hull with shambling Redead groaning in a square? In a mind, that is what awaits us.

However, when a encampment finally loads, we step out a front doorway to find a rather contented ruin. It’s unequivocally early in a morning and we’re greeted by bright blue skies and a jaunty 6 AM balance (soon followed by a whistling 7 AM one) that creates all seem reduction forlorn.

As predicted, weeds widen opposite Dibly from precipice to coast. Nature has taken over a town, and it reminds us of streamer to a internal park recently after dual months of COVID-19 closure. The flowers are mostly gone, save for a few dusty pansies that pulp to dirt as we travel by them, yet a volatile golden roses remain. Rotten acorns cover a belligerent (leftovers from an Autumnal festival, if memory serves) yet a trees are brimful with fruit and a shining blue sky has us devising a full-time return; a small side-project divided from a forlorn island on Switch to whip Dibly behind into figure after a decade away.

Our mailbox is dinging and we’ve got dual letters: one from a Happy Room Academy (74,249 points – not bad!) and a second from a Post Office informing us of a 99,999 Bells of seductiveness warranted during a absence. Zoink!

Where are we? When are we?

The initial thing that jumps out after going behind to this 15-year-old diversion is a framerate; silky well-spoken it ain’t. Going from 60 fps to whatever this is is jarring, during slightest during first. We shortly acclimatise, yet – it’s somewhere in a segment of 20 fps, that sounds interminable, yet for this form of game, it’s wholly serviceable.

Dibly’s accurate embankment is misty in a mind (it’s been a while), so we lift adult a map – simply accessed regulating a stylus on a touchscreen. Control-wise, Wild World is still a fun and nonetheless we can play regulating buttons, we’re touchscreen all a way.

A list of names denoting a residents’ houses on a map immediately fills us with joy, and a small confusion. Stalwart favourites like Aurora and Twiggy–one of a initial and favourite residents–are unforgettable, yet who a ruin is ‘Mallory’? Must’ve changed here only before we deserted a place.

Closing a map, we’re about to start exploring a encampment when we view movement…


Aurora, who coincidentally has only changed to a island in New Horizons, is out fishing. She doesn’t recognize us, yet after exchanging pleasantries it’s like we’ve never been away. She wants to competition us to locate a crawfish, yet we spin down her offer and feel bad afterwards.

Dora is another proprietor who also happens to be on a New Horizons island, so we conduct to her residence and find all her things in card boxes prepared to move. We convince her to stay, nonetheless we’re not certain why. Dora’s fine, yet until we saw her again, we’d indeed lost we’d met her before. Animal Crossing has always finished a good pursuit of creation we feel bad for shunning characters, so a shame contingency have kicked in and stopped her from leaving. We know it’s common use to socially operative your population, yet that always felt a bit nazi for a tastes.

Oh, we’re not over withdrawal fossils that resemble turds outward Curlos’ residence and responding in a certain when he asks if relocating is a good idea, yet we’re not gonna weed him adult to Resident Services only since he’s an arrogant, inconsiderate, instinctive sheep! We should unequivocally learn to get along with those types.

We shortly locate adult with Ribbot and Twiggy, nonetheless a other villagers are still sleeping. Disappointingly, a noticeboard by a Town Hall is present with new messages. We missed La-Di-Dah Day during a start of a month, apparently. And Yay Day before that – too many events to count.

Pelly gives some oppressive feedback per a comprehensive state of a city before we run into Saharah who asks us to broach a package to Blathers. How fortunate! We were only streamer that way.

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