Published On: Mon, Apr 6th, 2020

Fatal Frame’s Return Is Up To Nintendo, Says Series Producer Keisuke Kikuchi

Fatal FrameFatal Frame

Last October, a array writer of Fatal Frame, Keisuke Kikuchi, pronounced he’d be open to revisiting this offensive IP.

Now, in a follow-up exchange, he’s explained as many as he privately would like to see another diversion happen, eventually it’s Nintendo’s decision, as it has a edition rights to a series.

even yet we have these hopes, this is a array that Nintendo publishes for us and we usually hoop a development. So even if we were to contend we wish to make another game, that doesn’t indispensably meant that’s what will happen.

So what are a chances of remasters formed on games like Fatal Frame 2 and Fatal Frame 4 appearing on a Switch in a nearby future? Again, it’s adult to Nintendo.

As for Fatal Frame 2 and 4, Nintendo handles a edition rights, so we don’t accurately have a contend in that matter. Another cause would be is that I’m fundamentally overseeing a Gust code during this moment, and to secure prolongation lines and group members, in a short-term it would also be unequivocally difficult, though in a prolonged run I’ve never unequivocally given adult a idea. So in a short-term it’s not accurately picturesque during a moment.

The Fatal Frame games started out on a PlayStation 2 in 2001, and a many new entrance was expelled on a Nintendo Wii U in 2014.

Would we like to see a lapse of this frightful series? Tell us down below.

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