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Fast-Growing Photo App Everalbum, A Chart-Topper On iOS, Comes To Android

There are apps that guarantee to assistance we giveaway adult space on your smartphone by subsidy adult afterwards deletion your photos. There are apps that assistance we classify your photos into albums, and share them with friends. And there are apps that aim to simply pierce photos off your phone into a cloud for safe-keeping. A flourishing startup called Everalbum, however, wants to do it all.

The company, that now has a #1 Top Grossing iOS Productivity app in over 85 countries, is ambitiously severe a large guys – like Google, Apple, Facebook and Dropbox – by going over imitation backup. Now a app is accessible on Android.

According to co-founder Andrew Dudum, formerly of video job height TokBox, a incomparable services are some-more deputy of a boxes of photos we things in your closet. Everalbum, on a other hand, is attempting to re-imagine a earthy imitation album, he says.

“It’s about organizing, and aggregating and creation clarity of [your photos] – about anticipating those critical moments in your life, and creation it unequivocally easy to classify them for you,” says Dudum. “It’s a unequivocally opposite product from a cloud storage product, and we consider that’s given it’s resonated so good with a mass market.”


Right off a bat, a use is differentiated from others on a marketplace given it doesn’t usually upload a photos off your phone. Instead, it also aggregates photos from many of the services we use today, like Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, and Google Photos.

Of course, a series of startups have attempted to solve problems around imitation classification and storage, and many of them finish adult folding or exiting to larger players.

Meanwhile, even some of a large names in cloud storage have struggled with their possess imitation apps. For example, Flickr has been on downward trend over a years following its Yahoo acquisition, and Dropbox’s dedicated imitation uploader Carousel was close down just a few months ago.

It can afterwards be worrisome to put your trust into a smaller startup like Everalbum, and hope it can keep your memories protected indefinitely.


One indicate in a favor, however, is that a app has a business indication that’s permitting it to beget revenue. Everalbum pushes people to ascent to a reward tier, Everalbum Plus, that includes additional facilities like total storage of full fortitude photos (the giveaway tier offers total imitation storage in “high-quality”), as good as total HD video upload, and priority patron support.

After a giveaway trial, Plus users compensate $9.99 per month for a additional facilities – something that adequate of them do to pull a app into a Top Grossing charts for Productivity apps on iOS.

Of course, a prompts to ascent are everywhere in a app – it’s roughly destined during some indicate to burst into a giveaway trial. You unequivocally have to review a excellent imitation to equivocate opting in.

That said, if people didn’t find it useful, they’d conduct to iTunes and cancel their subscriptions. (The reward tier has been live given early 2015, so they’ve had plenty time.)


Everalbum also claims that in a past 90 days, a users have corroborated adult some-more photos on a use than on another other on iOS, including Google Photos. Of course, it doesn’t have entrance to Google’s data, so take this as a guess that it is.

But among a things it can magnitude from a millions of users, Everalbum says it has liberated adult 5300 terabytes of storage on people’s smartphones, has seen 120 million albums common to date, and has a 4.5-star rating opposite scarcely 4,000 reviews. The latest chronicle has indeed achieved a 5-star rating, in fact.

In further to backup, classification and sharing, Everalbum has a few other features, including favorites, brief animations called flipbooks, and “throwbacks” –  feature that resurfaces aged photos, identical to how Google and Facebook do, too. Users can also join Everalbum Club as partial of their $9.99/month Plus subscription, to accept earthy prints of a photos they favorite on a service.

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 during 11.24.23 AM

What’s engaging about Everalbum is that, so far, it hasn’t finished anything significantly groundbreaking in terms of imitation management, though has rather total facilities from other products in a intelligent approach and incited that into a paid utility.

However, a company’s long-term prophesy involves creation improved clarity of a large imitation collections by restraining pieces together from opposite sources – including messaging apps or even comparison family photos from grandma’s albums – in sequence to get a context, and assistance us find those memories that are actually important.

Everalbum is corroborated by $8 million in funding, led by Khosla Ventures, along with Felicis Ventures and Cherubic Ventures. Keith Rabois and Aydin Senkut lay on a board. The association is a group of 26 split, including co-founders Don Holly, Jack Abraham, Charlie Melbye, and Jon Mumm, formed in San Francisco and Waterloo. (The latter interjection to a merger of conform app Pout.)

Today, a app is nearing on Android, after primarily being accessible usually on iOS. In a future, a association will residence other platforms – including things like Apple TV and even VR – though there are no sum as to those expansions during this time.

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