Published On: Wed, Jul 19th, 2017

Farewell Google Now, Hello To ‘Feed’ That Tracks Your Search History to Show Relevant Results

Google Now has been there for utterly a prolonged time, assisting users with applicable information and other content. However, change is inevitable, and today, Google has announced that Google Now is now being transposed with “Feed”. This step comes is not startling as over a past few months we have been saying Google branch a concentration towards calm formed on interests.

Feed is not wholly new though; it has been a partial of Google Now given final year. When it was introduced on Google Now, a primary concentration was on calm that enclosed news articles and videos on applicable topics that a user cares about. Unlike Google Now, Feed’s list of information is formed on a topics that a user follows, though it uses a Google Search story and Chrome browsing story to amass information to benefaction applicable and personalised results.

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What’s new with Feed is that it has now gained an ability to follow sold topics from searches. For example, if we hunt for a Netflix’s renouned uncover “Stranger Things” afterwards Feed offers we an choice to follow a subject (as shown in a GIF below) and see timely information about it within a feed timeline. The same poise relates to other categories of information like movies, people, politics, sports, and more. Google says that will also have a functionality to get information and articles that could be applicable to a user, regardless of a time of publishing.

In a blog post about Feed, Google’s VP Engineering, Shashi Thakur, writes:


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Look out for a new “Follow” symbol subsequent to certain forms of hunt results—including movies, sports teams, your favorite bands or song artists, famous people, and more. A discerning daub of a follow symbol and you’ll start removing updates and stories about that subject in your feed.

The feed will takeover wherever Now was formerly seen, including a Android and iOS Google Search apps, as good as a left-most page on your homescreen for inclination like a Google Pixel. We held a glance of that over a weekend. Google’s new feed will even seem on a desktop soon, during slightest to a certain extent.

The categorical concentration of a feed is to make a Google app some-more renouned and benefaction it as a one stop end to fetch all a information and do searches. Google expects that Feed could make Google app as renouned as Facebook and Twitter.

For those wondering – what will occur to a information listed in Google Now? Well, it not going anywhere. Google is migrating all that information to Feed. From now onwards, Feed will be a primary end for calm with an “updates” add-on that binds a lot of information identical to “Now” tab. The categorical feed would still uncover calm from Now such as Google Calendar events and also continue information.

Rolling out for Google app users on both Android and iOS

Starting today, Google is rolling out Feed for Google app users on Android and iOS in a United States. We can design it to hurl it out to other regions soon.

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